Monday, 13 July 2015

What's Up...?

So, yeah... July already. Mid-year, and four months to the day since I last posted. I really need to be more up to date with things. To be honest, I've fallen into that weird funk most do as life just rolls by and swallows you whole in its wake.

I've been sporadically tweaking The Lancaster Trilogy (it never is finished, is it?) and had Bengaria's War edited (but I still haven't had the time or the right frame of mind to tackle the edits), Episode 8 in the Jax Marlin series is about a quarter way done, but far from finished, I hacked out a brand new story idea that seems to be stealing my attention with beguiling winks, and yet another buried WIP is beckoning me back with sultry looks. Oh, the conundrums!

Aside from all those piled up on my plate, my day job workload has seen a sudden upturn, distracting me yet again, so time to write or get in the right groove for writing is just a flustering experience. And then daily life just loves to interrupt and laugh at you all the time. I must say, 2015 has been (so far), one distracting, unfocused, soul-sucking year. My productivity is like -3 when it should be somewhere in the +5 region. All the plans and checklist items I'd mapped out for this year has been shoved aside and I'm just making it up as I go along. To say I'm so ready for 2015 to get over itself, is an understatement.

But anyways, with another five months to plough through, I'm hoping to complete at least two things on my to-do-list. At least...

So, there is my update. Back to the daily grind then...


Friday, 13 March 2015

Flash Fiction

Here's a little piece I did a couple years ago, specially for the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday blog hop around. That's #SFFS for those not in the know.

Anyways, for lack of things to offer for the blog roll event, I came up with my first rambling, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, piece of flash-pulpy fiction. Dosed with cheesy sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal (I think), it's a full-filled romp of adventure, action and comedy. Who doesn't love that, right?

The other day, I finished it up, cleaned it up some, gave it a title (Stop, Drop, Roll...And Run For Your Life), slapped together a cover and uploaded it. So, if you want to have a chuckle, stop by my Wattpad page and have a read. Come on, it's only 1,500 words. Leave a comment if you like, give it a like too if you want.

And enjoy!


Monday, 16 February 2015

Out At Last!

A little late in posting, but posting all the same...

Over the Valentine's weekend, THE ANGEL OF MERCY, novella No. 7 in the Jax Marlin series was released. In this instalment, our favourite vigilante is negotiating a small dilemma: to get back to work, or not...

The Angel of Mercy

Even A Vigilante Needs An Angel
Weeks after helping Special Inspector Pedroni sort through his demons, Jax Marlin is still hiding, reluctant to conquer her own monster and face the world. As Christmas 2400 descends, Pedroni waits for Jax in growing despair, battling the crowds shopping for gifts and having cappuccinos with his elderly neighbour. Meanwhile Jax procrastinates, but learns of the kidnapping of a young girl. She soon realizes the girl is someone she knows, and if ever she needed a kick-start, this is it. As she chases the scent of the kidnappers, Jax finds herself entrenched in tropical sunshine and briny ocean breezes, and Pedroni eagerly abandons shopping to give chase once more. Can Jax save the kidnapped girl? Will Pedroni finally capture his vigilante? But not all is as it seems, and not all that need saving need it.

There you have it. Now go get your copy now!


Thursday, 15 January 2015

The New Year

Well, double-u-tee-eff...
Though I saw it fast approaching as we careened into December, January 2015 barrelled into me at the speed of light. But, as I stand on wobbly legs, life must forge onwards and it's not for the lazy (damn). There's things to be done!

Like all starts to a brand new year, I've made my list of things to do. Not resolutions, I've resolved not to do that any more. Who follows them anyways, right? Exactly.

Before the new year had a chance to gag me with it's exhaust fumes, I cracked back open that beastly work in progress, Bengaria's War. It will be released this year, without fail. To date, it's been through five reviews (ok, six, but who's counting) and several betas and I'm now feeling (fairly) confident to give birth to it. The contractions have started...

My quest now is to search for a suitable editor that will assist me during the labour pains.

My next quest will be to design the cover. That's the easy part (being a graphic artist does help).

And then...I suppose I need to get back into the muck and tackle The Lancaster Trilogy again. And somewhere in there, complete some more Marlin short stories.

That should keep me busy for six months, right? But don't worry, I'll try not to be a stranger again to this whole blogging thing.