Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Trilogy is Complete

Over the long weekend (May Day here at 13ºN) the immediate in-laws ventured east and enjoyed a staycation at The Crane, in what is now becoming an annual event -- thanks to the very generous mother-in-law.  Of course, right now, we're in the middle of some strange weather.  It rained (pissed down like a waterfall!!) for pretty much the entire weekend we were there.  Despite the crashing rain and grim skies and hurricane force winds that nearly exfoliated the skin, I managed to get a sunburn.  Go figure.  I'm thinking it must've been during the slightly intoxicated moment when the sun did scorch down between the grey clouds, and the bloody caesar I'd consumed that made me forget to put sunblock on.  Oopsie...

As I sit here writing this, wondering whether I should keep itching or apply more after-sun care lotion, I'm still shaking my head at my amazing luck.  I don't mean the sunburn...

My publisher's, Champagne Books, have accepted my third and final manuscript for The Eternal Knot - the last in The Lancaster Trilogy!  How sweet is that?  If all goes well, edits and revision-wise, The Eternal Knot is due out for release for February 2012.

I feel rather relieved and liberated, knowing that the trilogy is finally complete...over...done.  For the last couple of years, my head's been mired with the trilogy, the characters, the world I'd created, everything.  Now, I can put it behind me and move on.  It was no wonder that I'd attempted two other books that stalled mid-way.  My mind was still distracted with Lancaster stuff.  Okay, I'll have to revisit them many times, over and over...but you get the point.  It's like that portion or segment of my life is done now.  I can move forward.

It helps greatly, saying "goodbye", when you begin writing something completely new and different.  For the last few weeks, I've been neck-deep creating an entirely new world, different characters, new story...well, you get the point.  For the moment, I'm calling it Bengaria's War, a story set in the extremely distant future where we have now colonized star systems, where there is aristocratic nobles, extremely adept warriors, impressive warships, tea plantations, and love.  Gotta have the love, right?

So, as I plod along further into my new world, The Lancaster world slowly fades like a pleasant memory shared with old friends.  And each time I revisit it, it's like opening a photo album and looking through all the pictures with a big old grin on your face.


  1. I'm happy over the moon for you my darling. You enjoy it for being a great writer and a perfect friend

  2. Thanks Tami!! Hey, did you ever finish reading the book?