Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Blog Name from Friday January 6

Just a quick reminder that this blogsite will change its name to from Friday AM, early!

If you're a follower, first off, my eternal thanks.  Next, please update your link to this site.  I know I will be updating like mad where all my 'old' name is posted.

Thanks again everyone, and looking forward to prattling on about nothing -- I mean, about important, world-changing stuff that make you gasp with anticipation. :)



  1. Will do, TK! Good luck with the new blog site.

  2. Love how the site looks ... did it change or was it the fact that I stalk from a Reader? *grin* I love the books, did I say that? Right. :) Yeah!!!!

  3. Oh BTW, you've been nominated for a Versatile Blogger award on my blog :) Check it out! - Just sending some blog love your way #YourVeryOwnStalker *GRIN*

  4. Putting your new link in my blog roll right now.

  5. Thanks guys!!
    @bajanpoet, I will check that out, and thank you!

  6. The new link doesn't work for me...?