Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Cover Reveal for Dog Star Books

Today I'm introducing author, K. Ceres Wright, and her new release COG.
COG - In a futuristic world where personalities
can be downloaded at will, who's a girl to trust?

I've had the privilege of reading a short, ten-sentence sampling from this book and it is simply amazing. I was immediately drawn in by the unusual, dystopic world she had created. After that teasing sample, I'm eagerly awaiting its release. 2013 can't get here fast enough!

So, here it is. Cover art for COG.

AUTHOR:  K. Ceres Wright http://www.kcereswright.com
ARTIST: Bradley Sharp http://www.bradsharp.co.uk
PUBLISHER: Dog Star Books
GENRE: Cyberpunk Science Fiction
RELEASE: Summer 2013
LINKS: Dog Star Books - http://dogstarbooks.blogspot.com


  1. Those SFFSat snippets are big teases, aren't they, T.K.? :)

    This book is definitely one for you and your tastes!

    Thanks for spreading the word.

    1. I know, right! And you're welcome, anytime! :)

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm so glad you liked the snippet. And thank you so much for posting the cover reveal. It's much appreciated. And a big thank you to Heidi Ruby Miller and Dog Star Books for letting me be a part of this awesome press.

    1. You're very welcome!! Wish you all the best as you gear up for the release!! 2013, hurry up!! :)