Saturday, 8 May 2010

A New Month, A New Look

Living in Barbados, spring cleaning comes and goes whenever you feel like chucking out the old and flinging in the new.  Or even rearranging things so it looks like you've done something productive to remove the same old staid and boring clutter.  The weather doesn't dictate our actions, but it certainly restricts our motivation.  Tropical climates are coveted by many, except those that live in it year-round.

I am no exception.  To top it off, I've a nasty cold thanks to my nearly-four nephew, whose snot-laden hands roamed countless surfaces.  So while I succumb to the germ-riddled inevitable, I swelter in the tepid heat all around me.  The thought of cleaning house (we've house guests staying with so I should make the house look half decent) has been limited to tidying up my blog page...from the cool air-conditioned comfort of my bed.  Laptops are an amazing invention!

Having looked at countless blogs and websites in my journey to "get noticed" by promoting my first book, I've observed, with each cringing click, that my own blog page is hideously dull.  Selected from a standard template with pleasing colours, I had done absolutely nothing to inspire readers into any form of awestruck wonderment.  As for adding pictures, the most I'd done is post the cover of my book.  (Posting pictures are still a bit confusing for me as I navigate into unknown territories.  The web-world is a vast unknown for me - but I'm getting there slowly).

So, since I have a fair amount of time between hacking up phlegm and blowing the snout, not to mention some over-the-top groaning, I decided to redesign my page.  Since green is a favoured colour, to me that is, I chose it for the main theme and used complimentary colours and hues to suit.  Hopefully, it's a little more pleasing to the eye and doesn't render the prospective reader into complete boredom.  This month, I am playing host to a guest blogger with an interview.  Have to make the "house" welcoming and appealing, right?

On May 11, a fellow Champagne Books author, Anne Patrick will be answering some questions I threw at her and give us a little insight into her new book Out Of The Darkness, which is available now.  You can also visit her blog page at (wow, her page is amazing! Wish mine looked like that...)

That leads me onto another topic: I should change the name of the blog...eventually.  I realize that it's the title of my book (mostly to get people to know the name).  Since I plan to continue writing, not to mention that there's two more under the Lancaster Rule series, the point of keeping the title of the blog is, well, pointless.  I may as well change it to something catchy, like tktoppin.blogspot, don't you think?  Or even booksbytktoppin...  That would pretty much cover all books and book related topics that I plan to cover...  But that's for another day, another month.

Right now, I need to blow the nose again.

Check in again on May 11 and meet Anne.

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