Friday, 9 July 2010

We're in the 2nd week of July, already?

This past week has blown by at the speed of light.  I thought for sure I'd have some time to write a new blog, but that was since Monday.  It's Friday already.  And didn't July just start?

I never used to complain about not having enough time to do things.  Generally speaking, for the last ten years, working from home accorded me the luxury to manage my own time to suit, well, me.  But ever since getting that first book published, I've realized that having two jobs will kill you.  I empathize with those that have more than two.

Plus, I'm generally a very lazy person when the mood strikes me.  And it's very easy for me to slip into that mood - considering I'm usually in it.

No kids (big Phew!!), just dogs, a mutant cat, and the hubby.  Aside from looking after them (easy-peasy), my mornings are now filled with literary mountains to climb.  Boy those crags and loose rocks are a bitch.  Keeping up-to-date on most things literary, literally, takes time.  I've never spent so much time online, clicking from one site to the next.

Then there's keeping up-to-date on all the various sites you manage.  Facebook pages, Twitter posts and threads, blogpage, review sites...  All in an effort to keep people interested in your very first book, keep sales constant, keep the word circulating.

And then, you have to sit and do your real work, the day job and act like you've got everything under control so your clients think you've spent 100% of your time and attention on their job, and theirs alone.

Then, when that's complete, you have to sit and read through your other book, you know the one you finished last year, but only now have the chance to self-edit.  And book three, which has been completed since April has been shoved one side when it's in desperate need of edits...

Okay, I'm digressing, and wasting time.  Hey, it's Friday - I'm allowed.

This month is a relatively short month.  It's the month before our annual holiday, so heaps need doing before we depart this Rock.  Bills to double-pay, work to complete to pay those bills, getting the house in order, grilling the housesitter about the daily routine, oh crap - don't forget about watering the plants.  Endless things that by the end of it, you look forward to that holiday with ever-growing desperation!

And then you look up and see how the weather is looking grim and you think: Bleep-bleep hell!  It's the hurricane season.  Gotta get the house moderately hurricane-ready.  Stock up on some tinned and dry goods, start going into pack-rat mode.  Just in case.

So while the winds kick up outside, on this grim-looking day of dark clouds and intermittent rains, I sit and ponder the week that's past.

Check, completed all my work so all my clients are happy.
Check, edited three chapters, re-worked two with minimal deletes.
Check, designed bookmarks and postcards for myself to promote book (helps when I'm my own artist).
Check, sourced printers.
Check, got that new review coming out next week.
Check, weekend mode from, well, today so do nothing strenuous.

Told ya I manage my time to suit me.

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