Thursday, 5 August 2010

August Rush

I'm getting repetitive in my old age...well, not that old, okay.  But here it is again, another month has started all too quickly.

I've had to say goodbye to July 2010, and just when I was getting used to the idea that it was July - poof! it's gone.  Have to say, it's been a really great month, what with birthdays and reviews and social activities.  Life is good!

It's the first wild week of August, the heat unbearably wicked, and I'm trying to cram too many things into the day.  No wonder I drink. (hic, now where was I again?) :)

Coming up this August 16, I have scheduled another exchange interview with a fellow Champagne Books author, Eve Langlais.  I'm certain I mentioned this before, but what was I saying again about getting older?  Our interviews come out together so you can check us out then.

In the meantime, I seriously considered writing a short story using one of my more colourful characters in the Lancaster series.  You'll meet her in The Master Key.  However, I fear the deadline has passed.  I need more time to fully plan out how I want to write about this character and all her misadventures.  Of course, her story has nothing to do with my trilogy, but the more I think on it, the more I want to bring her exciting life to life.  Folks, remember this name: Captain Alanis Grosjean.

Received really good news yesterday when it was announced that The Lancaster Rule has come out in print.  Woo hoo!!  How sweet is that!

Today I entered a competition as well.  The New Covey Cover Art competition.  Wish me luck...however, I must stress, that the real credit goes to Champagne Books' amazing cover artist Amanda Kelsey.  Go on over to her website, she does some truly awesome stuff.

This week has also been a really short work week, considering that we just had a really long 4-day weekend.  To top it off, Friday I head off on my long last.  So, the hubby and I have been running around trying to cram pre-vacation stuff into two days, more or less.  And we haven't even packed yet.  Better do that tonight.

So, I've done my checklist.

Pre-blogged the exchange interview - check.  Set up another competition on my Facebook page - check.  Entered a competition - check.  Bought copies of my print book - check (now I'm fairly broke...).  Replied to the only person who commented on my Facebook page - check (that sucks).  And last but not least...pack.

Don't worry, I'm just a click away.

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