Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Well...I'm Back

I thought I'd better post something before the month of August ended.  What a month it's been!

To kick things off, my book, The Lancaster Rule came out in print (woo-hoo!), then came the three-week holiday in Toronto where I reveled it up practically everyday with family and friends...why, I even sat for a portrait sitting.  Got books consigned into a small local bookstore in Guelph!

And best of all, got an acceptance from my publisher's for the sequel, The Master Key!

I won't bother to bore you with the other trivial matters upon returning home from my travels...oh, like having no hot water, broken toilet, and washing machine going dead.  The root of the problem lay with a broken water pipe when the gardener mowed over it whilst we were away.  So, let's just keep it simple and blame the gardener.

September approaches tomorrow, and I've got to get my head back into working mode - a difficult feat considering it's been laying idle and addled for a few weeks.  We won't talk about the copious amounts of martini's and cocktails that helped with the addling process.  Mind you, yesterday, I resumed self-edits to Book three, The Eternal Knot, and the clarity in which I zoomed through two chapters was unbelievable!  Amazing how a little break for idleness and addledness helps the old brain out.  I even added more stuff into the chapters, which helped them greatly!

And then I've got to get back into the groove with the day job (groan!) so I can pay off my credit card atrocities.  That's one drawback about going off on holiday...come home to bills.

But first, priorities... Waiting for the washing machine repairmen to arrive so they can fix the dead beast before I kick it to hell and back for dying on me.


  1. Good job on the sequel! I'm sure it will do well. You're a talented writer.

  2. Thanks for that!! Much appreciated.