Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Scratching My Head...

...For ideas, of course.  Marketing ideas that will make you primed and pumped to read my books.  It would also be nice if you bought them as well.  But, that's splitting hairs, and I'd be happy if you simply read them for the sake of enjoyment.

That being said, I'm still up the figurative creek with my lack of motivating marketing ideas.  It's a dire dilemma we writers fall into, sapping valuable writing time and plugging it into marketing schemes.  I consulted my brother on this just this morning.  While Dear Bro is a scientific genius, every so often, he manages to deliver a brain spark that will work in the real world.  His idea: a drawing competition.  The prize...well, my book, of course.  (Me thinks the printed version once its ready for distribution).

So now I'm thinking up exciting ways to push this idea, fine tuning it so that it won't get out of hand, and everyone will have a chance to matter the drawing skills.  Dear Bro suggested that the competition should focus on the elements that make up the books (well, duhhh) like its characters, the world, etc.  But all in all, it's an excellent idea and in the coming weeks, I will inform the world at large in due course.

Of course, I'm open to all ideas, so if any of my Dear Readers have any fabulous ideas, please feel free to drop me a line.  Up for grabs are ebooks in PDF format (they are limited amount available, of course), printed books (when they become available).  Trinkets like bookmarks (signed) and postcards will also be included as an extra because I'm a nice person.

Eventually, I'll sign up for Amazon gift vouchers (cuz everyone loves their Kindles) and they are growing quite popular - the gift vouchers.  Speaking of Kindles, and signing up, I just did for Kindlegraphs.  Eh, you say?  Electronic autographs.  Come on, people, we live in the techno age!  You can click on over here if you want a techno-graph from me - I know, sad I said, I'm afflicted with head scratchings right now.

(At the moment, only The Master Key is up, and due to...technical difficulties - haha - The Lancaster Rule won't appear until later).

Right, back to the grind.

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