Sunday, 14 August 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - August 14

I took a short break from participating in Six Sentence Sunday as I had to deal with various things, but I'm back now.  Here is another short snippet from the newly released The Master Key.

She ate with the aloof and regal air expected of a woman in her current standing—she’d been practising—and the gruff, single-mindedness of a combat soldier.
“You’ve a healthy appetite,” James commented, enthralled.
“So I’ve been told. I missed my dinner,” she replied pointedly, glaring back. “I was hungry.”

My heroine Josie keeps getting herself into trouble.  And what's she doing with this James dude?

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Thanks again to everyone who drops by to read these tasty snippets and leaving wonderful comments.

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  1. Great six! I can picture them sitting there, him watching her intently.

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  3. I loved that! (Dude. Don't be staring at me eat. Just sayin.)

  4. Great six - love the contrast of her being regal and a combat soldier.

  5. Love this character! She's no delicate chick who picks at her food. Lots of appetite and she doesn't care who knows it. I'm enjoying getting to know her.

  6. How fantastic is it to see a woman who isn't afraid of being who she really is! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by!!! So glad you enjoyed the six.