Thursday, 22 September 2011

A Little Update is in Order

As September draws closer to the end, I once again, find myself blowing out a breath of relief.  As months go, it's been a pretty crappy one with only some mild moments of uncrappy stuff.

Aside from the constant and ever-present heat (what's new in the tropics!), I felt the need to give my current work in progress, Bengaria's War, ANOTHER glean-through -- which I am doing now and nearly coming to the end.  Some things just didn't sit right with me, and some areas need a little more embellishing to 'round off' the tale.  But polishing up your work is never an easy task, nor is the constant distraction of having to market your other books that are out there already.  To top it off, there were other personal stuff going on in my life that took time away from concentrating on the WIP.  Ah, life, such a gloriously distracting thing.

So, as I near the end of the polishing, and the end of the month draws to a close, I'm hoping October will bring a breath of fresh air into my distracted soul.  I know that has been the main issue bogging down my brains and clouding up everything else.  I just hate having unfinished business around me.

In October, I will resume my quest for an agent for Bengaria's War, seek out more reviews for the recently released The Master Key, drag out The Grosjean Chronicles and set about finishing that unfinished tale, and try my best to take a larger dosage of chill pills.

Oh, crap.  And seek out a present for hubby's birthday...

Anyways, join me this Saturday as I venture into the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday world (giving myself a break from the Six Sentence Sundays).

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