Friday, 23 September 2011

SFF Saturday - Sept 24

Hello everyone!  This is my maiden voyage into the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday realm.  I hope I do it some justice.

For today's posting, I give you a short snippet from my recently released sequel in the Lancaster trilogy called The Master Key, published by Champagne Books.

Following is a short snippet from the very first chapter.  Enjoy!

“She’ll never make an operative.” Simon propped his arm companionably over John’s shoulder and watched as Josie sheepishly recovered from a stumble.
“She’s my wife, not one of your lot.” John clamped his mouth into a line and rolled his eyes, a habit he seemed to be borrowing lately from Josie. “But you’re right. An operative she will never be. I’m just glad she’s learning to hone her skills at defending herself. Clumsily, but still…”
“There’s that,” Simon agreed with a shrug then suppressed a chuckle. “And now, thankfully, she looks more the part so her cover will stand.”
Though he’d never let on, Simon did like her. She was a bit crass, rude, nosy, and childishly naïve, but she’d somehow managed to tame his best friend’s turbulent heart and reawaken his humorous nature. And, she had the uncanny ability to make John swoon like a girl, something that was practically unheard of until she came to live at the Citadel.
“At least now she won’t second-guess her own strength and abilities,” Simon continued.

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  1. Welcome to SFFSat!

    I like the fact that Josie isn't "miss perfect" and has her faults. Also, like how John defends her. :-)

  2. Welcome to SFFSat :)

    I wonder why she needs to learn to defend herself and, like Gayle, the fact she's not perfect makes me warn to her. Shows determination

  3. Yay welcome newb :D
    Great snippet - did you every write the back story about how she made him swoon like a girl??

  4. Haha! Yes, she's not perfect and she's got a potty mouth out of thus world! This is the sequel to The Lancaster Rule, which explains it all about John swooning. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Enjoyable snippet. Welcome to SFFSaturday.

  6. Welcome to SFFSat. I'd slap both of them, commenting on my performance like that, lol.