Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Last Few Weeks of December 2011

So, the year's nearly done, and as it stands, I look forward to the new year with much anticipation and expectation than I've ever done in the past.  As year's go, it's been a fairly poopy year for me and my surrounding satellites.  The pitfalls have ranged from sluggish work, additional expenses, sick friends and family, and close friends that have passed away.  Despite that, there has been some really high points, including the release of my second book, The Master Key, escapes from reality in the form of travels, and just chilling with those that mean the most to you.

But I'd still like the see the back of 2011, preferably with a foot up its crevice for good measure.

Next year is the Year of the Dragon, touted for its grand festivities and bountiful lucky charms shooting out in every direction.  I'm hoping to catch some of those charms and hitch a ride.  At least I'll be starting the year right.  Early January will be the release of my final book in the trilogy, The Eternal Knot.  Yes!  I feel like I've accomplished something.  While having one book out is amazing enough, and incredibly lucky, having the trilogy complete and out is like the final stroke across your 't', the full stop after the word.  The story is complete.

I have three more tales to tell, one complete and undergoing some "rearranging" and fattening up.  This is called Bengaria's War, and so far, I've received some very positive remarks from my beta readers.  Thank you!  As to what I'm going to be doing with it, I'm not quite sure yet.  It's far from finished, even though it is.  The other is To Catch A Marlin, a futuristic detective tale with a very engaging baddie.  While this is still stuck in second gear, I know how to proceed with it and hopefully, by mid-year, it will be complete.  Finally, there's The Grosjean Chronicles.  This has given me endless trouble with many plot changes.  I began this on the heels of finishing the Lancaster Trilogy, and I think what stalled me was that I was trying too hard to make it LIKE the Lancaster tale.  Probably too much.  So, I had to redo quite a bit.  It's now starting to take shape, including the plot line, which is a little bit better.  This is another tale I'd like to complete, and I think sometime around September, I may be done with it.

Well, that's it writing-wise for my new year plans.

In other plans, my blog site will have a new name from January 6th.  So get ready, if you're a follower, to change the link to

That's it for now. I'll make a final posting before the end of the year...I'll be away enjoying my first cold Christmas, which I look forward to with pleasure!



  1. Sounds like you have some good plans in the works. I look forward to the new blog after the first of the year.

    Have a wonderful Holiday season, TK!

  2. Thanks Kaye, and the same to you!!!