Friday, 16 December 2011

SFF Saturday - Dec 17

Time for another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday!

Staying with The Eternal Knot, the final in the The Lancaster Rule trilogy, due out January 2012 Champagne Books and its new SFF dedicated imprint, Burst Books.

Last week, we encountered Josie and Loeb after her crash. Today, I thought I'd share a little bit about the crash.

What she didn’t take into account were the hard tree trunks and branches that catapulted her from one tree to the next like a violent game of pinball. Cocooned and relatively safe in her cockpit after the first impact, and a finger near the eject button, she endured the last jarring crash and rolled end over end across the forest floor.
She really did need to learn how to land and made a conscious promise to herself to do so...if she ever survived.
When her world righted itself and she hacked away the surround-gel with her krima, Josie kicked the battered door away, crawled out, and promptly threw up.

If you're interested in participating in next week's SFF Saturday, stop by their sign-up blog which is open every Wednesdays.  And don't forget to follow the rules.



  1. Crash landing and violent tossing and turning are always the pits! This is (one of the reasons) why Aston drinks. Good snippet!

  2. Doesn't Josie know about the auto-pilot? Oh, poor Josie. Always in trouble.

    Great snip, as always! Looking forward to January.

  3. Learning to land is always good.
    Great snippet!

  4. Ouch. Poor Josie >.< always getting beat up...even by inanimate objects! Nice snippet!

  5. I like the self-deprecating humor in the face of danger. It says a lot about the character.


  6. What jccassels said about the self-deprecating humor. It makes Josie likeable immediately, and actually shows her confidence.

    I love that she pukes in the end. That makes her human. ;)

  7. Gotta concur ! thats why I love her character and the writing style of TKT !

  8. Love the pinball game imagery. Very clear descriptions - bearing in mind this is the first time I'm reading your stuff (have I been away THAT long!). Looking forward to more.

  9. I love the visual imagery on the crash. You gotta know I would!

  10. Great piece of description and love her inner thoughts.

  11. Thank you everyone for stopping by! Yep, poor Josie...always in a pickle.