Monday, 28 May 2012

#amwriting - Hanging Up The 'Do Not Disturb' Sign

These days, we’re all too familiar with that hashtagging business, so, no need to explain myself.  However, talk to people outside of the Twitterverse, and they give you that ‘huh’ look.  Such is the case, once more, with my orbiting satellites who do not transmit the usual social networking signals.

Experience has told me to keep my mouth shut while #amwriting, because I simply cannot write with someone constantly looking over my shoulder.  It's like picking your nose, you need a little privacy.  But since letting the cat out of the bag that I now do—actually—write stuff, everyone and their cousin wants to know what I’m doing next.

It can be very distracting.

Of course, they want more of the Lancaster Trilogy (I'm beginning to think they don’t quite understand the word ‘trilogy’), and want to know what happens next.  It’s hard not to stamp my foot and throw a tantrum and tell them to…well…you know what I mean.  Seriously, I do have other things to write about.  While I feel quite flattered they’d want more Lancaster stuff (so great for the ego, btw), I have moved on with my imaginary life.

Right now, I’m waist-deep in a new story (Hear that folks? New story) titled To Catch A Marlin.  Each day, I find myself anxious to dive in (barring there's no distractions from the real world—but boy, they can’t seem to take a hint) and hack away at the keyboard to conjure up words.  And like the last work in progress I just completed, I’m noticing I’ve become anti-social again.  Well, more so than usual.  It’s like 75% of my attention is still lodged into the new world in my head, while the other 25% performs the usual day-to-day tasks.  I have been told I tend to ‘wander’ (I never really noticed that until it was brought to my attention) and my temper tantrums tend to rise miraculously too (just picture a protective dog guarding her pups with bared teeth and nasty little snaps).  I've even got the 'go-away' glower down pat (oh, and the growl).

Of course, I’m not really conscious of these occurrences (it could be PMS too—just saying), especially when I’m only utilizing 25% of my brain.  I mean, seriously, there’s multitasking, and then there's micro-multitasking.  Jeez, I can’t do everything and be aware I’m doing it!  Hubby has learned to read the signals well (for self-preservation reasons) and quite enjoys when #amwriting.  He can surf the TV channels to his hearts content.

Anyway, you do know this is all tongue-and-cheek (not really…kidding, kidding) and I’m sure most of you do, or are afflicted with the same.  Maybe I should do like those construction workers and put up a sign saying: ‘Work In Progress: #amwriting.’  Even better: ‘Disturb At Your Own Risk.’  No?  Too blunt?  #justsaying.

I any case, I shall get back to #amwriting…



  1. Haha, great post T.K. I go through the same thing when I'm writing or working on my art! And of course, it seems like anytime I finally have some free moments to do those things that everyone and everything wants my attention. The sign idea is a good one. I need one to hang around my neck, just in case the boyfriend needs a visual reminder every time he walks in the room and wants to start a conversation about the meaning of life or technology on other planets (topics much better suited for dinner when I am not writing!).

    1. Hey 365thingstowriteabout! Thanks for stopping by, and I'm glad you enjoyed my post. Yep, and to further add to my distracted brain, I had to repost this twice due to typos. The title had been reading "distrub" at first. Then I caught another typo in the post..sigh. See, only 25% of my brain is working. Good luck on your projects!!

  2. Sooooo.....what you working on now? What happens next? When's the fourth book in the trilogy come out?

    *runs away*

    1. "launches a virtual shoe in Wayne Basta's general direction* (Misses since the 25% part of the brain that's working doesn't control aim and hand-eye coordination) "Drats!" TK mutters and give Wayne the evil-eye instead. "Hang on, what am I doing writing here when I should be writing the WIP..." Urrg!! ;P