Thursday, 17 June 2010

Keeping Track

Since the start of June, I've been quite busy running around trying to organize my head.  Have to say, it's getting quite full these days.  The art of juggling has rendered me slightly catatonic most days.  It could be the heat as well.

And the art of keeping track of which email account (and how many) is starting to get to me.  I keep thinking I'm forgetting to check one, but I forget which...

Once upon a time, like the gazillions out there, I had but one email address.  After spending a few minutes pondering over my user name and password, my account was created and life was rendered blissfully convenient by the click of the 'send' button.  Email and emailing replaced writing letters, sending faxes, and even picking up the telephone to say 'hey!'  I remember those first inter-office email conversations with the person in the cubicle right next door.  Now how cool was that!  You could hear us sniggering, but would be pick up the phone, or raise our heads and start a conversation?  Ohh nooo, that was not as cool or fun as emailing each other.

Sigh, the good old days...

Then, as life and the world progressed, you realize that you need another email account - you know, for those online purchases, etc, that you don't want getting confused with your personal emails.  And let's say you work somewhere that requires you to have a direct email address - there goes another account.  Then you decide to get Yahoo chat, and chat in real time to friends all over the world, so you create a Yahoo address.  Then some friends want to know why you're not using MSN, so, yep, another account in Hotmail.  Then you decide to get Skype because you can talk with video! OMG! LOL that is sooooo cool!  So a gmail account is created.  And on it goes.
To date, I've realized that I have five email addresses, including a vastly expanded knowledge of tech-speak.  Three using my name, the other two using aliases.  Thinking about it now, I'm pretty sure I've another account, but I can't seem to remember what it is.  And, by having all these 'must-have' email accounts, you have to remember all the user names and passwords.  Thankfully, there's that handy little button you can click that retains passwords.  However, once in a while, you have to re-log your information again.  Oops, now where was that book you wrote everything down?  Did I mention I also have to keep track of my husband's emails?  Tech-savvy he's not.  That's another portion of my brain reserved to remember things.

I've a detailed book with all my internet information in it - doesn't everyone or am I the only idiot?  Since I like order (this doesn't count my desk, by the way), this month I've had to write numerous things down just so I could keep track of things.

Pardon the pun, but since writing a book and getting it published, I've had to write everything down.  It's been pretty chaotic (you should see my desk!).  Not only do I have a book full of internet info, there's my work diary (for the day job that's slowly filling up with book-related things), there's a notepad with scribbled dates and schedules for my blog and the exchange blogs/interviews/etc's, then there's little bits and pieces of paper stuck into my keyboard, poking out of my diary, tucked under the keyboard, scattered randomly about the desk... Life's little reminders and notes and things to do, that without them (and your brain remembers you did in fact write it down somewhere so you relax a smidgen - if only you could remember where) your life would be a complete and utter disaster...

Now what was I saying?  Ahh, there's the note stuck under the keyboard: "Reminder for blog - Exchange book review and interview with Caroline Clemmons on June 22 and 23 respectively.  Don't forget!!"

There, haven't forgotten.  Crap, now to mention it on Twitter, Facebook, and....uhm, where else was that place?  I forget, now.  I know I wrote it down somewhere...

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