Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Pondering a Change

June rolls ever close to the end.  Sigh, where does the time go?

As with the ending of each month, and the start of a new one, I find myself pondering about what to do next.  Promoting a book takes a lot of out you - and then you still have to write your other books!  And with each passing day, I begin to wonder if I'm doing enough with each of them.

And then, there's the real work that gets in the way.  You know, the one that pays the bills.  The one where you can't set your own deadlines, but adhere to the demands of your clients.  And everything has to be done now, now, now.  It sucks!  Hey, I'm trying to be a writer here.  Give a girl a little break...

Hello? Did anyone hear me?

Guess not...back to designing postcards, flyers and oh, before I forget, printing out those end of the month bills.  Ugh!

A couple more sleeps and July enters.  My favourite month, even thought it's a reminder that my birthday falls in this month, and I grow a little older.  I'm hoping that those I sent out book review requests will post their reviews in July.   So that gives me more to look forward to.  Also, I've joined up in a few places, one of them is Goodreads.com, so you can check me out there.  Still feeling my way about there, but managed to post a link to this blog through it.  And vice versa.  Hey, getting quite adept at maneuvering around the internet.  Phew, took me a while to figure that out.  Another thing I'd like to do is convert this blog page into my permanent webpage.  That will take some time but I've gotten some good advice on that.  So, that's my agenda for next month.

Change is good right?  I think so.

So, once I've cleared my plate of those annoying jobs, I can troll about the internet trying to figure out my next move with a clear conscience.  Hopefully boast a new design for this blog, hopefully finish my self-edits to The Master Key and get it ready for submission, and hopefully start on self-editing The Eternal Knot.

And by August, I should be satisfied that I've accomplish all the above and get ready to enjoy my holiday!

Of course, realistically speaking, I can only envision doing two of those things - that being finishing my self-edits and submitting.

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