Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Gearing Down Part II

It's amazing how perceptions change depending on what you're doing.  Take for instance, the length of a week.  That's seven days in total, 24-hours in each day, etc, etc...  When you're doing nothing, time drags its lazy ass ad nauseam into infinity and beyond.  Catch yourself trying to fill up those dull days with multiple things to do, it flies past at the speed of light and then some!

Now, usually, when I'm busy, there's just not enough hours in the day to complete things, so I usually end up putting things off until the next day, then the next day, and get the point.  Did I also mention I'm the Queen of Procrastination?  That's a whole other story, of course...I'll tell it to you tomorrow (haha, see!).  But anyways, this week, I envisioned it to fly by at said speed of light, since it's the week prior to our annual holiday.  So multiple things need doing, as we all know, before embarking on a pre-paying bills in advance, making sure the person looking after your pets know the drill, eating out stuff from the fridge that won't survive 2 weeks of you not watching it spoil, that sort of stuff.  Then there's sending out emails and making calls to your business clients, telling them if they need stuff done, well, don't wait till the last minute or they might get an ear-full of excuses.  And somewhere between all that junk, you have to keep remembering to promote your recently published book, ad nauseam.  (Buy The Master Key, buy The Master Key...there, I've promoted).

But for some strange, unexplainable reason, all the above have already been taken care of, and time is dragging its lazy, ad nauseam, into infinity and beyond.  Friday never took so long to come around.  But I suppose, that's a world-wide phenomenon, and why the term TGIF materialized.

I've geared down since Monday, even pre-paid my bills (thank the electronic gods for internet banking!), told all my clients to...well, you know.  I've organized pet-sitter duties waaay since the end of last month (handy to have friendly neighbours), and yakked non-stop about my new release.  (The Master Key, The Master Key!!).  I even completed a WIP and sent it out to a few beta-readers.

What do I do now, but wait.

So, as I wait, idleness has struck me stupid that I spend most days just sitting in front the computer out of sheer habit (Hey, found a new game to play on Facebook...just saying), and counting off the days until Friday, which seems to think I need to spend more time rolling back my eyes in mind-numbing dulldom...  And thinking up this truly awe-inspiring blog, which hopes that by the end of reading it, you'll be so inspired to buy my book (The Master Key, The Master Key!!) and follow my blog and tell all your friends about me.

Well, that's all for now.  I've signed up for another Six Sentence Sunday, so, hopefully you'll come back then and read a short snippet from THE MASTER KEY!! THE MASTER KEY!!




    All I can say is I can so relate! I have so much to do for RavensWing and I found myself last night playing bejewled of all things on Facebook!

    Now I have a vison of a Key in my head...a key used in Voodoo Divination lol

    Just want to say loving your blogs! Have a great vacation!!


  2. Well I've already bought it :) But gotta finish the Lancaster Rule first :)

  3. Hahaha! Thanks Rayven & Bajanpoet. Usually I post blogs and end up talking to myself...kidding, not really. So glad you stopped by. And THANKS Bajanpoet for buying The Master Key!!!