Sunday, 17 July 2011

Six Sentence Sunday - July 17

Wow, a week certainly flies.  Once again, it's Six Sunday...and I wasn't going to participate this weekend, saying that I'm travelling.  But, considering that I'm already travelled, and here...  So, here it is, a short snippet from the newly released The Master Key.

It was early morning, not yet seven, and Adam still lounged in his robes. Solitary confinement had somewhat diminished his strict wardrobe habits, causing him to spend half the day in his sleepwear before he showered and made himself ready for evening. Dinner was still something that he made sure he was properly attired for—despite eating alone.

Hmm, who's this Adam dude?  If you haven't read The Lancaster Rule, you've no idea.  Don't worry, though, his character is explained in The Master Key.

Thanks again to everyone who drops by to read these tasty snippets and leaving wonderful comments.

If you want to know a little bit more about The Master Key, here's a little non-blurb:
In this second book of the trilogy, the heroine, Josie, now married to world president John Lancaster, and begins her new life in the future. But all is not idyllic as a dangerous man from her past returns as old enemies return to plague her life.
Revelations of Josie's past, three hundred years ago, surface and begin to unfold, every question she has ever wanted to know is answered. Events lead her to the Scrap Yard, a cybernetics space station where she must battle it out with her enemies.

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  1. hope he finds his purpose soon :-)

  2. Interesting. Very interesting.

  3. Thanks for stopping by. I believe Adam knows his purpose - and the some! :)