Monday, 4 July 2011


It's RELEASE DAY at last!

THE MASTER KEY makes its maiden voyage into the world today.

Stop by my publishers, Champagne Books, and check it out.  If you have a Kindle, just give it a few days for it to appear on the Amazon site.



  1. Congratulations and many happy sales1

  2. I'm excited to see this come out on the Kindle. I already have my copy of The Lancaster Rule ... but work has robbed me of my time to start it :) No matter. I love sci-fi, and coming from a Barbadian writer as well .... so I'll be buying it. Period.

    I remember telling you that you'd get tired of me on your blog lol and so I've started stalking you. I joined your blog to my reader and will start commenting here. :)

    I myself have two blogs. The Hand Of God is my main blog ( and my newer poetry blog ( Come on over and give them a read.

    Ok, I'm babbling. But that's only coz I'm excited. So I'll stop now. LOL Was great meeting you, even if it was only for 5 mins at your booth :) Hope to meet you again :)

  3. Hey Bajanpoet! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I see you've joined/liked my Facebook page as well. Thanks again for buying LR...I'm sure you'll enjoy it. first stalker!! I'll check out your blogs for sure.

  4. Already bought The Master Key ... and started reading The Lancaster Rule .... this is GOOOD ....

  5. Hey btw - can u follow me back? I only have my twitter feed protected coz my account was hacked once before. I swear I'm a good guy lol @bajanpoet ... I can't send u messages till we follow each other ... wait, that does sound a bit creepy ... I promise I really am not a stalker .... ;) LOL

    Did I mention I'm really enjoying LR? No? Well I am. :D