Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Looking to Change For The New Year

So, I have reached a I do every time the year inevitably draws to a close.  This of course, is something that I've been debating for some time.  But I feel the time has come now to finally enforce it.

I've decided to change the name of this blog page to

It makes sense for this change over to my own name, rather than the name of my first book.  After all, I will be writing more books, and I will be chattering about things other than The Lancaster Rule books.  It's also fitting that come next year, the final of the Lancaster trilogy will be released into the world, and so comes the end of the tale.  It simply won't be relevant to hold onto this blog page name.

My decision to change the name has not come lightly.  In fact, I even considered creating a new page in Wordpress.  But then I thought, why should I?  I already have a blog that also serves well enough as a website if any one is interested in learning more about me.  And why should I have more things to manage?  I like keeping things simple.

So, come January 6th, 2012, I will be switching over to the new name.  Don't worry, I'll be sure to inform everyone -- ad nauseam -- well before the change over takes place.  That reminds me, I'll have to update ALL my links to ALL the places I'm linked to.  That should be a tedious and time-consuming venture.  May the force be with me.



  1. Good luck with the changes. I think it is a good idea too. Your name is what you want readers to know. Yes, the books too, but your name will go on to write lots of other books!

  2. I did the same thing with my FB fan pages...unfortunately, I didn't have a good way to fix the existing one, so lost half of my fans in the process...

  3. Thanks guys. Aston, that's my worry too. Though, I do know a few of my followers are "family" and they rarely read my blogs, no real loss. Thanks for stopping by.