Friday, 18 November 2011

SFF Saturday - Nov 19

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday time again.

Check out the spanking new cover art, designed by the talented Amanda Kelsey.
And because I just got this amazing new cover art, here's another little treat with a snippet from The Eternal Knot, the final in the The Lancaster Rule trilogy, due out January 2012 Champagne Books and its new SFF dedicated imprint, Burst Books.

For those of you who have been keeping up with the tale so far, you might remember a certain individual called Quin.  For those who don't know...well, your loss.  Hah, kidding.  Not really.

Here we have Josie and Quin discussing some interesting medical advancements...
“We’ve checked out most already and they’re all men. Fern’s good, but not that good that she can grow a dick and a pair of balls.”
Quin gave her a scowl. “Persistence, Josie. When tracking someone who wants to be hidden, always assume everything you learn is not as it seems. Dig deeper and remove the layers of illusion.”
Josie let out a dramatic sigh. “Fine. I swear, Quin. We’re on some kind of loop here. We had this exact conversation just yesterday.”
“No we didn’t. For example, we learn something new every day. It is possible to grow a dick and a pair of balls in this century. You can’t procreate with it, but it’s doable.”
         Josie returned a deadpan look. “Whatever!”

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  1. Handy! I can tell it will be all the rage with the kids.

  2. I love the new cover! I do like this dialogue. Very interesting, I must say.

  3. Heh. Now you've got me thinking: IF I could grow a dick and a pair...would I? Intriguing snippet!

  4. Can't.stop.laughing.

    Great excerpt! :-)

  5. Sounds like they're using physical attributes rather than chromosome analysis for sexing.

  6. Thanks guys for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the snippet. I must say, I was laughing myself when I came up with this little bit of dialogue between Quin and Josie.

  7. Sounds like a great disguise if you can 'grow your own', lol!