Friday, 4 November 2011

SFF Saturday - Nov 05

Time for another Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday.  I know, that's a mouthful.

Today, I return to The Master Key, sequel to The Lancaster Rule, published Champagne Books.

I couldn't decided which snippet to use -- there's just so many.  But here we go.  Here we have Josie, who has once again done something rather impulsive, and now, regretting her actions.

My head spun. I reached up tentatively to touch the sore spot—right at the back—and felt a knot. Whatever Ho used to hit me, it was something reassuringly hard.
A groan spilled out of my mouth, making me feel nauseous. I swallowed hard and brought the hand from my head to my mouth. My nose hurt too, where Lee smacked me in the face. It felt twice its normal size.
Whether it was the knock on my head or the time-out in blackness that brought me to my senses, I wasn’t sure. But I felt like an idiot. I acted impulsively and foolishly, putting myself, Aline—even the unsuspecting Dr. Maines—in serious danger. Everything that I’d learned and had been taught to do in times of danger, I threw clean out the window.

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  1. Great description. I wonder what she's done that she's regretting.

  2. Sounds like Josie got her butt kicked. Good snippet!

  3. I really like the description here. Makes a reader want to know what she got herself into this time!

  4. Oh, Josie. What are you up to today? lol.

    Remember--I'm reading this now, so no spoilers!

  5. Never good to go through the pain of a butt-whooping...hope there's some retribution dished out later. ;-)

  6. Yep, Josie definitely got her butt kicked big time! As for'll just have to wait and see.
    Thanks everyone for stopping by.