Friday, 10 February 2012

SFF Saturday - Feb 11

Keeping up with the WIPs...Again, I bring you a snippet from my current work in progress, Bengaria's War. This is a story set way into the future, where man has colonized star systems, wages war to steal other Systems, grow cabbages and sword fight, shoot energy guns and fly Nezu-class warships...while drinking tea.

The tale centres around my protagonist, Ryn Bengaria, the daughter of a farmer who finds herself married to a King and at the brink of war as the evil Regent Sibur tries to steal their System.  Along the way, they encounter the Nezu colony.

In this scene, Ryn is about to learn a little bit more about herself while visiting her father.  In her company, Til, her former weapons master and now her advisor.  And as for teacol, it's a strong, bracing liquor made from tea...think single malt whiskey with a green tea flavour.

“Da?” Ryn said impatiently.  While a reunion between her father and Til, however intriguing, was not as urgent as why she’d come back home in the first place.  “Since when do you drink?”
“Religiously since you got married.”  Sul raised his hand gently, urging Ryn and Til to sit.  They sat side by side on the couch, while her father chose his favoured armchair and poured out three glasses of the strong, yellow-green spirit.  Before speaking again, he held up his glass in a silent toast and took a small sip.
“I’d hoped you would never have reason to find out.  But as circumstances have changed so drastically this past year, I’ve lived knowing that one day you’d be here, seeking answers to the one thing I have fought hard to keep from you,” he reached across and laid a gentle hand on her knee.

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  1. Something tells me it isn't the tea-spirit he's on about. Hmmmm.

  2. You're just playing with us now, cutting off your snippet right there.

    Nice way to build intrigue! I'm hooked.

  3. Oh, way to leave us hanging! lol. Great setup. I hope you don't keep us waiting too long to find out this 'one thing'.

  4. Ooh, I wonder what he's going to say! Love the line about drinking since his daughter got married. lol!

    1. Hee-hee, I thought that was funny too. Thanks!

  5. Very true! I'm with Gayle - I love that line. hate the fact that you just LEAVE ME HANGING!! I want MORE!!

    Great Snippet. I am really loving this world you've created and I can't wait for you to finish it!

  6. “Religiously since you got married.”

    Great dialog. Way to build tension. Enjoyed this snippet.

  7. Uh, oh! I get the feeling that she's about to get a batch of bad news. And again with leaving me on a cliffhanger? Then again, I shouldn't complain. lol Good snippet! Looking forward to more.

  8. Great snippet this week! I, too, want to find out more about what he's kept from her...

  9. Great scene, but I'd drop the "While" starting the second sentence.

  10. Intriguing - I wonder what the secret is?

  11. Nice! Am anticipating the Big Secret!

  12. Well that, and the need for them all to have alcohol, sounds pretty ominous!

  13. great cliffhanger :) I find myself wondering what the relationship is between father and daughter. He's tender with her, but it sounds like they haven't been together in a while.

    Looking forward to learning the secret!