Friday, 6 April 2012

SFF Saturday - April 07

Welcome to another SFFSat, and thanks to everyone who stops by and leaves awesome comments.  Much appreciated.

This will be the final snippet from my WIP, The Grosjean Chronicles.  The story revolves around Captain Alanis Grosjean, a Space Marine (featured briefly in book 2 of my Lancaster Trilogy).  She's a no-nonsense, fire-breathing lady with beguiling elfin feautres who has an unpredictable temper and poops out nails.  Capt. Grosjean's mission in this tale is to capture the notorious space pirate Norstrom and his crew on board the Drunken Sailor...

In this scene, Grosjean is directing her lieutenant, Ellis, to search the agrostation (this is just before they discover that interesting memo left by Norstrom).  Meanwhile, Dr. Mica looks on at the proceedings...

“What ducks?”
“Ducts, sir.”
“Speak clearly, Ellis.”  Grosjean knew what her lieutenant meant the first time.  She just loved to wind them up, it added to the scare factor she exuded.  Walking to the first metal grating on the floor, she grinned wickedly as Mica raised a brow, staring at her in amusement.
“Why do they call you 'sir'?”
“Why not?” she blinked.  “I’m their superior.”
“But, you’re a…woman.”
“Your point?”  She looked at him blandly.
“Never mind.”  Mica raised his hands defensively.  “Just thought ma’am would be the appropriate title.”
“Ma’am is my mother.  I am not her.  Understood?”  And ‘sir’ equalled scare factor.

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  1. That'll teach 'em! Funny snippet!

  2. Interesting theory on the titles. Your captain is a very intriguing character. :o)

  3. Hee hee...yes, don't call her ma'am!!! :-D
    Fun little snippet...and who wouldn't like to wind up folks? That's most of the fun in life.

  4. Nice bit of psychology. I get the impression this is a patriarchal society, or they'd have a gender-neutral term for addressing a superior.

  5. It all comes down to the mind games, doesn't it?

  6. Alanis has a wicked streak, heh.