Friday, 13 April 2012

SFF Saturday - April 14

Welcome to another SFFSat, and thanks to everyone who stops by and leaves awesome comments.  Much appreciated.

Today I'm featuring a snippet from my other WIP, To Catch A Marlin - A futuristic cat and mouse chase involving Special Inspector Michael Pedroni and the vigilante he chases, Jax Marlin...who he has become smitten with.  Well, Jax is quite beautifully exotic, as vigilante's go.

In this scene, we find Inspector Pedroni on board a deep space shuttle heading to a space station where he suspects Jax Marlin is.  As he passes the time en route, he glumly remembers a conversation he had with his superior

I’m cutting back the team,” Chief Inspector Aoki had said.
“Sir, we’re close,” Pedroni had replied, protesting.  He’d had the distinct feeling that Aoki was losing interest in the case.  In fact, his whole team seemed to feel the same way.
“You keep saying that.”  Aoki had shaken his head but seemed more interested in the food stain on his tie.
“If you cut back my team, it’ll set me back.  We’ll never catch up to her.”
Aoki shrugged noncommittally.  “Sorry, Pedroni.  I have my orders.  We’ve spent more on this than any other case.  You still have the agency’s backing, but just not the manpower.”
“How much of the team are you taking?” Pedroni gaped.
Aoki looked uncomfortable, scratched his balding head while his eyes darted around Pedroni’s small, cramped office.  He muttered something under his breath.
“Pardon?” Pedroni remembered his eyes bugging out.  “Did you just say…all?

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  1. Eh, less people to get in the way of his... ah, pursuit. Or something.

  2. But then he'll have Jax all to himself - see, a plus side! :D

  3. Stupid cutbacks. Erg. Somehow, I have the feeling that he'll make do.

  4. And, he still has the agency's backing? heh Not likely! Stupid bureaucracies!

    1. Yes. I'm afraid the agency just want Pedroni to fend for himself since The Marlin is quite helpful.

  5. Thank you for sharing this one! I've been curious about it. I love the premise for this one and can't wait to read more!

  6. o.O That's going to make things interesting.

  7. I *hate* it when that happens...sounds like a good premise, and who wouldn't be smitten with an exotic vigilante? :-)

  8. Clever title!!

    I want to see how Jax measures up to Josie... ;)

  9. Just him vs. Jax now, intriguing. Want to meet her!

  10. But who's going to cover his back?! O.o

  11. Ha ha.....All. Yeah that might slow him down a little.