Thursday, 19 July 2012

I Have Not Been Woolgathering...

...Though, there were times when I thought I may have been.  It happens when you're a writer.

I've been relatively quiet on the social networking front (and the blogging) because (dang, it's just hard work keeping up) my head's been ambushed and held captive with writing projects.  So, again, I haven't been idle (even though I wanted to be).

To keep you in the loop, I've completed the 'first' draft of the full length TO CATCH A MARLIN (in the hands of betas) and setting it up for a second pass to tidy it and refine it some more. This is tentatively scheduled for an October 2012 release.  YAY!  Don't worry, I'll keep you posted.

While it's been 'out of my hands,' I've dragged out BENGARIA'S WAR (which had a glorious 3-month rest) and, right now, undergoing 3rd draft tweaks and squeaks and stuff.  Also in the works, another short story from the MARLIN series called THE NECROMANCER OF THE AVON.  This one, while complete, needs a little more polishing before it's done. (And guess what, I've another plot bubble pop up for our cheeky little Jax Marlin to star in...)  And finally, a short my brother and I are working on, with a working title called TIME FRACTURE, is also taking up my attention so the brain-webs don't fester.  You could say, my mind is full right now.

So, I'm still here, with Tweetdeck open in the background following the tweets, and the web browser at the ready, while I conjure up words and worlds and fixing things with some old fashioned elbow grease thrown in for good measure.



  1. Glad to hear all has been going well in your social media absence! :-)