Friday, 30 March 2012

SFF Saturday - March 31

Welcome to another SFFSat, and thanks to everyone who stops by and leaves awesome comments.  Much appreciated.

Continuing with my work in progress, The Grosjean Chronicles.  The story revolves around Captain Alanis Grosjean, a Space Marine (featured briefly in book 2 of my Lancaster Trilogy).  She's a no-nonsense, fire-breathing lady with beguiling elfin feautres who has an unpredictable temper and poops out nails.  Capt. Grosjean's mission in this tale is to capture the notorious space pirate Norstrom and his crew on board the Drunken Sailor...

In this scene, Grosjean and her team open up the crate (you'll remember that from my previous snippet) and find the two missing scientists...

Grosjean scowled as she looked at them; she closed her eyes briefly and took a deep, calming breath.  Someone went to the exacting trouble of leaving two, perfectly impressed handprints on Soong’s breasts using what Grosjean could only assume to be engine oil. 
Soong came around first.  She blinked and pushed her sticky dark hair from her face.
“What happened?  My head is spinning.”  She rubbed a sore spot.
“Can you tell us what happened?”  Grosjean crouched down before the woman.
“Some man came out from behind Pooks,” Soong said in a drone.  She lay back, this time with both hands clutching her head.  “He shot Pooks—missed him by an inch.  And then…boom.”
Grosjean took to mean Pooks was Nalick, then, motioned Ashok to take Nalick’s vitals.  “What happened next?  What did this person look like?”
“Damn good-looking,” Soong blew out a breath and managed a grin.  “Tall, dark, and wicked.  He looked right at me and…winked.”  Then she passed out again.

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  1. Tall, dark and wicked - definitely a dangerous (if sexy) combination.

  2. She wasn't attacked! She was overcome with infatuation! Silly girl!

    1. Haha! That's a good one. I should've used that!!

  3. Sorry, what happened in the rest of the snippet? I read about engine oil handprints on breasts, and suddenly my mind went blank... :-P

  4. It's always the good-looking ones you have to watch out for! Great snippet!

    (TM Hunter, get your mind out of the gutter! :P)

  5. They need a CSI to come get fingerprints from those oily handprints!

  6. I am loving Norstrom. I don't care about anything else!! I seriously love this guy.


    TM, my mind went blank, too but for a slightly different reason ;)

  7. I'm inclined to say shoot on sight when you run into this guy again. Don't give him a chance to talk. Shoot and be done.

  8. At least the missing scientists are alive!

  9. Intriguing villian! Want to read more.

  10. Lol, sounds like he made a lasting impression - in more ways than one! :D

  11. Thanks everyone for stopping by!!! Love all your comments!!