Friday 13 March 2015

Flash Fiction

Here's a little piece I did a couple years ago, specially for the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday blog hop around. That's #SFFS for those not in the know.

Anyways, for lack of things to offer for the blog roll event, I came up with my first rambling, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, piece of flash-pulpy fiction. Dosed with cheesy sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal (I think), it's a full-filled romp of adventure, action and comedy. Who doesn't love that, right?

The other day, I finished it up, cleaned it up some, gave it a title (Stop, Drop, Roll...And Run For Your Life), slapped together a cover and uploaded it. So, if you want to have a chuckle, stop by my Wattpad page and have a read. Come on, it's only 1,500 words. Leave a comment if you like, give it a like too if you want.

And enjoy!