Thursday 23 April 2020

BENGARIA'S WAR is Out At Last!

The seeds of this story actually started Christmas 2011, but it wasn't until the following year that I decided it needed to be written. After many drafts, oh, let's round it off at seven...or was it eight, and many beta reads and edits, even a couple of rewrites, Bengaria's War finally came together into something I was happy with, my editor was happy with, and hopefully, my readers are happy with.

After eight years, it is now released for all the world to see. To say it's been a frustrating, sometimes depressing ordeal getting this particular book together is an understatement. I have fought many internal battles trying to convince myself that this book was worth all the effort, and financial resources, I had put into it. Many times I'd considered shelving it altogether. But at the back of my mind, I knew it needed more, it needed finishing. And by finishing, it meant an overhaul, a thorough polishing, and scrapping out all the unnecessary bits (akin to cleaving out bits of your soul). I am now finally happy with the results, and I could not have done it without my editor, Laurel. She get's me. She get's my writing. And she is amazing to work with. Thank you so much! And of course, my formatter, Write into Print. The amazing Stef wields magicky stuff to create shiny, professional ebook and paperback files, giving my books the proper spa treatments it needs to shine. Thank you!

To my readers, enjoy!