Tuesday 31 August 2010

Well...I'm Back

I thought I'd better post something before the month of August ended.  What a month it's been!

To kick things off, my book, The Lancaster Rule came out in print (woo-hoo!), then came the three-week holiday in Toronto where I reveled it up practically everyday with family and friends...why, I even sat for a portrait sitting.  Got books consigned into a small local bookstore in Guelph!

And best of all, got an acceptance from my publisher's for the sequel, The Master Key!

I won't bother to bore you with the other trivial matters upon returning home from my travels...oh, like having no hot water, broken toilet, and washing machine going dead.  The root of the problem lay with a broken water pipe when the gardener mowed over it whilst we were away.  So, let's just keep it simple and blame the gardener.

September approaches tomorrow, and I've got to get my head back into working mode - a difficult feat considering it's been laying idle and addled for a few weeks.  We won't talk about the copious amounts of martini's and cocktails that helped with the addling process.  Mind you, yesterday, I resumed self-edits to Book three, The Eternal Knot, and the clarity in which I zoomed through two chapters was unbelievable!  Amazing how a little break for idleness and addledness helps the old brain out.  I even added more stuff into the chapters, which helped them greatly!

And then I've got to get back into the groove with the day job (groan!) so I can pay off my credit card atrocities.  That's one drawback about going off on holiday...come home to bills.

But first, priorities... Waiting for the washing machine repairmen to arrive so they can fix the dead beast before I kick it to hell and back for dying on me.

Monday 16 August 2010

My Guest: Eve Langlais

Joining me today is another fellow Champagne Books author, Eve Langlais.  We're doing a simultaneous exchange interview, so you can catch her interview me over at her blogsite.

Let's meet Eve. 

LR: Tell us a little about yourself and did you always know you wanted to be a writer?
EL: I’m a Canadian mom of three married for almost eleven years. I am a dedicated home body who loves to watch movies, play video games and hang out with my family. While real life got in the way for a while, I always wanted to be a writer and count myself lucky that I managed to make my dream come true. 

LR: I noticed that you have a few books published already, in quick succession too.  Tell us a little bit about them.
EL: LOL, where to start. The very first book I ever wrote and which received a publishing contract was Take A Chance, a sort of modern day fairytale where a librarian must save a cursed wizard. If you like a full length romance with magic, adventure and a sweet HEA then this is a must have. Oddly enough, the first book I ever had published was actually my second written work titled The Hunter. A single mom is hiding with her twins from her abusive ex and can’t help falling for her superhot neighbor. But Hunter is more than he seems, and when a dragon shapeshifter kidnaps one of her kids, only he has the skills needed to rescue him.

Swinging from fantasy over to science fiction we have Alien Mate 1 & 2. In the first, a hunky blue alien arrives in all his naked glory to tell an earthling she has been chosen to be his mate, but Diana isn’t about to give in to his demands (or her lust) that easily. In Alien Mate 2, a new blue hottie arrives on Earth to fetch his chosen mate, the only problem is the earthling he wants isn’t the one that was chosen for him. These spicy novellas are sure to titillate those who believe like I do, that there is life out there.

I’ve also got a naughty tryst out titled My Secretary, My Mistress where a secretary being ignored by her boss after a one night stand, decides to make him pay with pleasurable results. Delving into BDSM this hot little tale is not for the faint of heart.

And finally me newest story, Lucifer’s Daughter is out with Liquid Silver. It’s not easy being the daughter of the most infamous demon in the world, especially when it makes you a constant target for assignation attempts. Prepare to have your view of Heaven and Hell redefined in this erotically charged story.

LR: Wow, some pretty hot stuff!  So, what inspires you?
EL: Don’t laugh, but 80’s music and sour cream & onion chips really get my creative juices flowing.

LR: (Laughs anyway) Okay, back to the questions... What’s your typical writing day compared to your dream writing day?
EL: Typical writing day is Monday to Friday, mostly for a few hours in the morning. I try to get about 2k words done daily, but am really happiest if I can achieve over 3k.

LR: You mention you have three kids, happily married, living a relatively normal everyday life.  A few of your books are a little, ahem, “pull your collar, fan your face” hot… Ever have people who knew you for ages rendered speechless?
EL: *Ducking my head and blushing* I have a hard time actually talking about the naughtier bits and end up giggling nonstop. I love reading and writing it, but still can’t talk about it coherently lol.

LR: You know what, I know the feeling.  Any favourite writers that have influenced you?
EL: I love romance works by authors like Kresley Cole and Sherrilyn Kenyon with the strong alpha types. I honestly don’t know though if they’ve influenced me or not. I do know I’d like to be able to write stories like them that totally suck a person in, but the only people who would know if I’ve achieved that are my readers and I am way too shy to ask them lol.

LR: What are you currently reading?
EL: I am really into Kaitlyn O’Connor lately. I absolutely loved her Cyborg series and am looking to forward to reading some more of her work.

LR: The creative process is complete, the book/s are published, but now comes the hard part of marketing yourself.  How has the marketing process changed you and what have you learned from it that you’d like to share with up-and-coming new authors?
EL: I hate marketing. It takes away from my writing time. I never realized the hardest part of writing would be getting my name out there and enticing people to check me and my books out. As for new authors, don’t get discouraged. Name branding takes time and patience, but eventually ( I hope) it works out.

LR: I agree with you on the marketing side.  Trying to stay the flavour of the month is definitely the hardest part! Where can we find you on the web and purchase your books?
EL: The best place for to find out more about me, see a full listing of my books including excerpts and purchase links is my website: http://www.EveLanglais.com

LR: Is there anything else you'd like to add?
EL: A big thank you to T.K. for interviewing me, and an even bigger thanks to those who took the time to read it.

You're very welcome Eve.  I wish you all the best with your books and thanks to those who have stopped by to meet her.

Wednesday 11 August 2010

Duct Tape and Champagne

Day 5 into my holiday and it's finally a relatively quiet day that I can kick back some, check my mail, stare at my beloved screen and just catch up with the world.  Since arriving, we hit the road running!  Maybe I need a vacation after my vacation.  Phew!

Yesterday, like the last four days had been a non-stop merry-go-round of "things to do" that I barely had time to read or write that I feel rather ignorant.  But in the afternoon, I got a wonderful surprise when my printed books arrived that really rendered me insensible!  Waa-hooo!  I think I did the happy dance and giggled non-stop the rest of the day.  To the point where hubby suggested a length of duct tape was in order.  Maybe even a dose of Valium.

Call it a weird quirk of luck or fate, or even just plain old karmic forces in play, but it was almost perfect timing.  My good friend Lynn just happened to be home the same time the books arrived.  Lynn, the one and only that gave me the kick up the ass to get me motivated into writing.  Yes, that Lynn.  It's like it had come full circle.

And another interesting twist, our mutual friend Natalie had been the one to spark the idea into Lynn's head that a person needed to list 200 things to do at the start of each year.  Funny, too, how she'd been there that day, two years ago, on the beach in Barbados when I'd received that now-famous kick up the ass.  Even funnier is that dear Natalie lives in this very city of Toronto as well, and sparked another idea: approach a bookstore.  She even went a step further and asked a simple little question that directed her to a number to call and a name to that number.  Today, I shall call that number and ask a few questions of my own.

And now I have actual books to show them - just in case.

Okay, enough about the cosmic forces of nature...later that day, we drank some champers and giggled some more.  So hubby is seriously getting some duct tape from the store...extra sticky and extra strong.

Right, time to get the game-face on and formulate my plan of bookstore attack.  Wish me luck folks.

Thursday 5 August 2010

August Rush

I'm getting repetitive in my old age...well, not that old, okay.  But here it is again, another month has started all too quickly.

I've had to say goodbye to July 2010, and just when I was getting used to the idea that it was July - poof! it's gone.  Have to say, it's been a really great month, what with birthdays and reviews and social activities.  Life is good!

It's the first wild week of August, the heat unbearably wicked, and I'm trying to cram too many things into the day.  No wonder I drink. (hic, now where was I again?) :)

Coming up this August 16, I have scheduled another exchange interview with a fellow Champagne Books author, Eve Langlais.  I'm certain I mentioned this before, but what was I saying again about getting older?  Our interviews come out together so you can check us out then.

In the meantime, I seriously considered writing a short story using one of my more colourful characters in the Lancaster series.  You'll meet her in The Master Key.  However, I fear the deadline has passed.  I need more time to fully plan out how I want to write about this character and all her misadventures.  Of course, her story has nothing to do with my trilogy, but the more I think on it, the more I want to bring her exciting life to life.  Folks, remember this name: Captain Alanis Grosjean.

Received really good news yesterday when it was announced that The Lancaster Rule has come out in print.  Woo hoo!!  How sweet is that!

Today I entered a competition as well.  The New Covey Cover Art competition.  Wish me luck...however, I must stress, that the real credit goes to Champagne Books' amazing cover artist Amanda Kelsey.  Go on over to her website, she does some truly awesome stuff.

This week has also been a really short work week, considering that we just had a really long 4-day weekend.  To top it off, Friday I head off on my holiday...at long last.  So, the hubby and I have been running around trying to cram pre-vacation stuff into two days, more or less.  And we haven't even packed yet.  Better do that tonight.

So, I've done my checklist.

Pre-blogged the exchange interview - check.  Set up another competition on my Facebook page - check.  Entered a competition - check.  Bought copies of my print book - check (now I'm fairly broke...).  Replied to the only person who commented on my Facebook page - check (that sucks).  And last but not least...pack.

Don't worry, I'm just a click away.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Print Version is Out

Just a quick, and rather excited, note to let you all know: The Lancaster Rule is now available in print!

Click to the "Print" link at Champagne Books and there you go.  Or, click here for a direct link.