Wednesday 11 August 2010

Duct Tape and Champagne

Day 5 into my holiday and it's finally a relatively quiet day that I can kick back some, check my mail, stare at my beloved screen and just catch up with the world.  Since arriving, we hit the road running!  Maybe I need a vacation after my vacation.  Phew!

Yesterday, like the last four days had been a non-stop merry-go-round of "things to do" that I barely had time to read or write that I feel rather ignorant.  But in the afternoon, I got a wonderful surprise when my printed books arrived that really rendered me insensible!  Waa-hooo!  I think I did the happy dance and giggled non-stop the rest of the day.  To the point where hubby suggested a length of duct tape was in order.  Maybe even a dose of Valium.

Call it a weird quirk of luck or fate, or even just plain old karmic forces in play, but it was almost perfect timing.  My good friend Lynn just happened to be home the same time the books arrived.  Lynn, the one and only that gave me the kick up the ass to get me motivated into writing.  Yes, that Lynn.  It's like it had come full circle.

And another interesting twist, our mutual friend Natalie had been the one to spark the idea into Lynn's head that a person needed to list 200 things to do at the start of each year.  Funny, too, how she'd been there that day, two years ago, on the beach in Barbados when I'd received that now-famous kick up the ass.  Even funnier is that dear Natalie lives in this very city of Toronto as well, and sparked another idea: approach a bookstore.  She even went a step further and asked a simple little question that directed her to a number to call and a name to that number.  Today, I shall call that number and ask a few questions of my own.

And now I have actual books to show them - just in case.

Okay, enough about the cosmic forces of nature...later that day, we drank some champers and giggled some more.  So hubby is seriously getting some duct tape from the store...extra sticky and extra strong.

Right, time to get the game-face on and formulate my plan of bookstore attack.  Wish me luck folks.


  1. Congrats to you, you certainly deserve it! Wish I were on holiday with you! I received the bookmarks today and I thank you so much (yeah,here we go again!) Good luck and enjoy your vacation!

  2. As the other end of the toast to success that day, I wish to express my titillation as to the importance of this novel in trilogy. Quote: ... I think this is what we need to think about ... a healthy reason to live in the future. After all; why are we here as the Humanoids?!!!

  3. Ohh, Lynnie! Thanks...shall we drink to that then? Martoonie time?