Monday 3 October 2022

New Releases for 2022!

I'm so behind in blog posts! Also, do people still read blogs?

Anyway, quick catch up. Mostly the two releases I had this year. The first one is Grosjean, a sci-fi romp with a space pirate everyone thought to be dead. This book was stewing and simmering for a very long time! Since 2011, the seeds of this book started on the heels of me completing The Lancaster Trilogy, and at first, I wanted it to be a sequel to the trilogy. But that didn't happen. I did keep some elements of the Lancaster world, in small, tucked away mentions, but Grosjean is a story all of its own!


Then, months later, we have Raq. This is another story that I've been working on, since 2012. Raq originally came out as a short story in an anthology collection called, Slayers. But I'd always wanted to make this into a full-length. For many years, I picked it up, then put it down. I honestly didn't know where or which direction to take with the story. But slowly, the framework started to take shape, and I ploughed on, moulding it to what it is now. I am thoroughly pleased with the way it turned out. Raq is unlike most of my books, where the action and thrills are visceral and wild. This book is a more introspective, philosophical and character-driven story.


What's next for me? I'm currently working on finalising a new story, called The Dark Without. I think you'll like that one too.

Cheers for now!