Wednesday 15 November 2023


Techinicolour Sandbox is out at last! A quirky melange of six off-beat, might-just-happen, speculative science fiction stories, held together by an underlying adhesive from the virtual and digital universe—an inevitable epoch the world is approaching in leaps and bounds. These six short stories carry the basic theme, whether it’s a mere mention or a full-on metaverse experience.

From Mars, with Love Terror: Could a habitat simulation be, in fact, a virtual minefield to navigate? It’s worth a thought when reality becomes so skewed as to make one wonder.
Puff of Smoke & Quantum Qubits: Entities created from the energies of real life and the virtual world. Is that even possible? It appears so, since a would-be empress enters Real Life to find the emperor she must free.

Trans-galactic Dreaming: Can astral travel really be as simple as falling asleep? And can one return from such travels?

Cabin Cruising: Will our elderly end up going on virtual cruises? What’s to stop its abuse – and meddling offspring who only want their inheritance and the old out of the way?

Adnile: Drenched in a world inhabited by everything fantasy, from dragons to faeries—but is it real? And why does the queen remember her mortal self?

The Robot and the Goldfish: Can a robot evolve to have emotions so he can watch sunsets with his fish? And can a robot suffer grief and loss, then make things right for his well-being?