Monday 13 July 2015

What's Up...?

So, yeah... July already. Mid-year, and four months to the day since I last posted. I really need to be more up to date with things. To be honest, I've fallen into that weird funk most do as life just rolls by and swallows you whole in its wake.

I've been sporadically tweaking The Lancaster Trilogy (it never is finished, is it?) and had Bengaria's War edited (but I still haven't had the time or the right frame of mind to tackle the edits), Episode 8 in the Jax Marlin series is about a quarter way done, but far from finished, I hacked out a brand new story idea that seems to be stealing my attention with beguiling winks, and yet another buried WIP is beckoning me back with sultry looks. Oh, the conundrums!

Aside from all those piled up on my plate, my day job workload has seen a sudden upturn, distracting me yet again, so time to write or get in the right groove for writing is just a flustering experience. And then daily life just loves to interrupt and laugh at you all the time. I must say, 2015 has been (so far), one distracting, unfocused, soul-sucking year. My productivity is like -3 when it should be somewhere in the +5 region. All the plans and checklist items I'd mapped out for this year has been shoved aside and I'm just making it up as I go along. To say I'm so ready for 2015 to get over itself, is an understatement.

But anyways, with another five months to plough through, I'm hoping to complete at least two things on my to-do-list. At least...

So, there is my update. Back to the daily grind then...