"In THE LANCASTER RULE, T. K. spins a suspenseful futuristic adventure."
Caroline Clemmons - A Writers Life

"I loved it and would highly recommend it, even with the things of which I took issue. The Lancaster Rule was a story well worth reading, one of the most enjoyable I’ve read in a while. The ending had me smiling. I loved the sense of humor woven throughout the story, even among the very serious parts of the book that kept me riveted. This story entertains and takes a reader on an emotional ride. Check it out!"
Laura Hogg - Travel The Ages 

"This book has it all.  A love story, a love triangle, adventures, mayhem, humor, wonderful characters that you truly want to get to know better, cheer for, sneer at, laugh at and enjoy.  I honestly never thought I could enjoy a sci-fi/fantasy book so much and I look forward to the next in the series."
SenoraG - Reading, Reading and Life

"A story full of emotion, The Lancaster Rule takes you from the depths of despair to the heights of romance, interspersed with wild fights and escapes. Fair warning, it’s a bloody violent story sometimes, but such is the price of war. The characters are highly developed, almost to a fault at some points where their rambling minds wander onto topics that have nothing to do with anything except giving them a past and leave the reader wondering when they’ll get to the point. The villain, while unexpected but not a total surprise, is a bit lacking. He is one of the least defined characters in the story, and his character changes drastically once his intentions are revealed, which makes sense, but is still a bit jarring to have him change so much from his original persona. Otherwise, though, The Lancaster Rule is a wild and imaginative picture of the future."
Manic Readers

"T.K. Toppin’s lyrical writing style adds a certain elegance to a story that could easily have become as hard and cold as a tyrannical world government, and her characters evolve over the course of the novel, however sudden their awakening may have been at the start.... This is the kind of psychological distress Josie has to overcome in The Lancaster Rule–the incomprehensibility of total dislocation.  Plot twists and turns aside, this is the most compelling part of the novel for me, and a major aspect of Toppin’s excellent characterization.  T.K. Toppin confronts a classic SF conceit with insight, sensitivity, and a purely poetic writing style."
Isabela Morales - The Scattering
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"I wish more ‘edges’ had been smoothed here. It’s an excellent story. It’s imaginative and engaging and I believe that this first novel is a wondrous precursor of what Ms. Toppin has to offer. As written I was not so happy with this book (the story, yes, the book, no) but I see potential in it. I’d read it again if it were polished up, and I’d even go out and watch a movie version of it as there were a number of parts that would make exciting scenes in an action flick! I see the potential for the series too. I’m keeping in mind the example of JK Rowling’s seventh book, which glowingly overshadowed her first, and I will be looking for Ms. Toppin’s name on the cover of future novels."
The Pagan & The Pen Book Reviews

"I got to admit, Ms. Toppin delivers one pure adrenaline rush while I was reading THE LANCASTER RULE. It was pure adventure from the beginning and frankly I could not put it down. The characters are well written and dominate the story. I love character rich stories and this one is written so well, I felt like I could be friends with Josie as she tries to flee the Lancaster’s. It almost had me feeling like I was along side Josie as she tries to figure everything out and who is the bad guy & the good guy. Ms. Toppin is a talented author who kept me riveted the entire time I was reading this latest story. The writing was tight, action packed and the romance flowed seamlessly within the pages to give it that added punch to the storyline."
Dawn's Reading Nook 

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"THE MASTER KEY is non-stop action.  It kind of reminded me of the action we saw in Star Wars.  Crazy space stations, droids, robots and other strange things.  Weapon's that I would never have thought of and what I like most of all is the medical care and how advanced and good it is.  I laughed out loud so many times when Josie goes off on her potty mouth tirades.  Cussing is not the norm in this future but Josie forgets, often.  Her complaining to John about the food in space was funny as heck.  I really enjoy them as a couple.  The only other couple that I enjoy as much is Jamie and Claire Fraser from the Outlander series."
Reading, Reading & Life

"This book is richly detailed. The author has done a great job at world building. There is plenty of adventure, and fight scenes are abundant, sometimes graphic and very realistic. It’s action packed. There are some wild scientific turns, at times almost freakish.
Charming and funny scenes are mixed in. Josie and John have great chemistry, and this comes into play throughout this fast-paced story.
Themes of family, trust, ethics, and immortality raise some intriguing issues and stimulate thinking."

Travel The Ages 

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"The Eternal Knot by T.K. Toppin is the third in an excellent sci-fi trilogy...Josie is an interesting character. She's from just a little past our time but sleeps in a pod for more than three hundred years, finding herself in the future. Married to the world president, she deals with daily, deadly threats. Josie's husband, John is a self-controlled, private man, and Josie's match. The two make a great couple. They can fight exceptionally well and are forced to, once again, fight for their lives. Josie swears a lot and wears weapons, even at formal dinners.

The other characters in this book really come alive for a reader, too...  The other supporting characters move the plot along just as well as the main ones. They are all complex with equally complex relationships. A strong plot causes a shift in certain relationships.

This is quite an adventurous story with dashes of humor. The dialogue between Josie and Simon, head of security, is often funny... Suspense moves the plot along rapidly.  There is lots of action and long fight and chase scenes that are exciting. Frantic emotions are clearly drawn.

Those who like action-packed sci-fi, futuristic stories with intricate fighting techniques and well-described world details should check out this book; in fact, check out the trilogy!"

Travel The Ages

The Eternal Knot (rated Best Book and voted Book of the Month) is an appropriate title for a book that twists and turns, throwing up the unexpected, then turning back on itself. Every time I thought I'd got things sorted, another sub plot appeared forcing me to continue reading to find out what happened.

I loved how everything linked together, even though at times I couldn't fathom how the author would find a way for linking various events to the main story. For instance, why the appearance of an ex-girlfriend of John's? What possible link could she have to the mayhem that was Josie's life? But T.K. Toppin cleverly wove this woman into the plot.

This is not a romance, although romance plays its part.  The Eternal Knot is a science fiction story with a difference. The despotic ruler shows a warm, soft side, his wife swears like a trooper, looks like an angel and can defend herself better than most men. The weapons of the future are ingenious and the Citadel of the Lancaster ruled planet is very easy to imagine from the way it eases into the story.

I would suggest this book is a definite must for lovers of science fiction.
Long and Short Review (Science Fiction/Fantasy) 


"As the story progresses we get a sense of both characters' internal conflict as they fight their attraction to each other. Pedroni, jaded enough to wonder if Jax way isn't better, and Jax idealistic enough to want to do the right thing, come together in a perfect blend of moral ambiguity that leaves the reader questioning where the line should be drawn.

I laughed out loud at some scenes and held my breath in heart-pounding excitement at others. Toppin creates a full and rich world with amazing wonders and believable details and paints a brilliant picture of them in crystal clear detail. She does it with a light hand and a master's touch. Her action scenes only lack the heart-thumping bass rhythms of a musical score.

Just when you think the story couldn't get any better, there are space pirates! Not just any space pirates, either. Captain Taris is a memorable rapscallion who deserves a book or tow of his own!"
JC Cassels

Special Inspector Michael Pedroni is assigned to a kidnapping case - with a twist. A vigilantes is now in the sights of the ICSP for rescuing the child from the kidnappers. And Pedroni is on her tail - or so he believes until she starts feeding him leads information as to where she will be next.

Jax Marlin, a victim of a crime when a child, is out to attain justice for victions when the ICSP are unable to intervene due to laws and regulations they must follow. And this time, it seems, she's pulling out all the stops...

TK Toppin weaves a fantastic tale of intrigue, action and suspense in this novel. Her characters are well-formed, as is the supporting cast, and the romance between the two main characters is believable. Her writing, while it can be refined somewhat, is nevertheless vivid and compelling, drawing one on through the book as one follows the action. Her fight sequences are a point of excellence, throwing punch and couter-kick with ease. No impossible moves there - unless one's a floor-hugger like me who just can't pull 'em like the rest of them...

If you like your suspense and action, this one's for you. Oh, and you need to appreciate a good dollop of science fiction.

This book is suitable for YA and Adult Readers.
Zhurrat Reviews