Wednesday 29 September 2010

Signed, Sealed, and...Crap, Gotta Get Stamps

Holy crap, it's hot today!

Whoever said that living in the tropics is an idyllic life, never had to endure September heat, pre-tropical depression, in the middle of the freaking afternoon.  Guhhhh, I feel slightly dizzy from this sweltering heat.  Even the cat hasn't moved from the window sill, hogging all my fan air.

I really need to get AC in my office.

Well, now that I've talked about the weather (doesn't everybody?) I can meander along to other things.

My contract for book two, The Master Key, arrived yesterday and after scouring it over, I signed off on it this morning.  Tomorrow, I'll try to get to the post office and send it off.

Then I await my instructions from my editor.  Eeeee!  And the process of editing begins all over again.  You gotta love being a writer.  I'm still getting used to it.  Speaking of editing, I'm self-editing my third book and groaned.  Three chapters need some serious work so I have to sit down, get the head into gear and work out how best to tackle it.

Yesterday, I also finished a short story I've been working on.  After a few changes and semi-rewrites, I think I've got it.  But now I can't decide whether to keep it as a continuing short story series, or a full length novel.  Oh, the decisions!

Okay, the heat's got me kerfuffled.  Going to shut shop for a few, then retreat into the cool bedroom where I do have AC.  Edit time again...

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