Friday 11 November 2011

SFF Saturday - Nov 12

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday time again.

Continuing with The Master Key, sequel to The Lancaster Rule, published Champagne Books.

Today we have Simon on a space station called the Scrap Yard, which is like the mothership for all things cybernetic.  Of course, not everything goes smoothly while there.

          The blast knocked them off their feet. The room shook with tremendous force, making everyone wonder if they didn’t, in fact, spin clean out into outer space.

Simon shook his head to clear it, his teeth hurt from the shock waves and he heard a loud ringing in his ears. He felt slightly nauseous. Whatever that last explosive was, it was designed to have maximum effect on humans. Most of the equipment in the room juddered and made static noises, then resumed normally. The men and droids were only just peeling themselves off the floor. One man retched up his dinner.
They’re using Rumble-Bombs, Simon thought quickly.
Just before detonating, the bomb would emit a pitched tone to unbalance the inner ear, followed immediately by the explosion. Most droids used a balance chip to keep them upright, making them susceptible as well.

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  1. I think someone set off one of those rumble-bombs in my head this morning. Coffee's not doing the trick.

    I'm going to write the day off (again) and just go read the rest of your book (these snippets are too short).

  2. Well-written snippet, could really picture the scene. :)

  3. Great visual here, TK. Like I've said before, you make the rest of us SFR authors have to raise our bars higher!

  4. Thanks guys! You're making me grin like a fool now.

  5. Not just visual, feelings.

  6. Great stuff...but you should know that something's not going to go right when you find yourself on a place called the Scrap Yard. :-)