Friday 8 June 2012

SFFSat - June 09

Welcome to another SFFSat, where a bunch of us post snippets from our written works and shoot the breeze.  Thanks also to everyone who stops by and leaves awesome comments.  Much appreciated.

Today, I'm still keeping with The Eternal Knot (final in the Lancaster Trilogy) which was rated Best Book by Long and Short Reviews. (Voting for Book of the Month is over and I'm waiting for the results -- to those who voted for me, I so appreciate it. Thank you!!)

In this scene, Josie and her husband are in a huge medical shuttle, heading home after some 'adventures.'  Josie is pretty banged up (of course, what's new with that) and they are having a little conversation about their future.

"Well, I'm luckier to have you." Josie smiled smugly. "And I can't wait to get home and start behaving like a proper wife."
        "Fern hit you really hard on the head, didn't she? I'm sorry, did you just say you're going to behave like a proper wife?" John blinked, feigning incomprehension.
        "No, she didn't. And yes, I am." Josie grinned despite the crippling pain that shot up her leg. "Besides, I have to."
        "You do?"
        "I do. What do you think all that shouting from Simon was about?"
        "He was concerned for your well-being. Staying in bed to rest is not an unreasonable request, considering you've just been battered to bits and then some." John shook his head wearily.

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  1. Maybe someone can hit my wife hard on the head too...hee hee hee. :-P

    Fun snippet.

  2. It's hard to squeeze dialogue into these SFFSat snips. They really chew up the sentence count. Your snippet's way shorter than mine, but technically 15 sentences.

    I'm glad I stopped by though; always happy to enjoy a sequence with Josie.

    1. Thanks Cary. Now I know for the next think, all this time, I've been using the lines to count...ah wells. Glad you enjoyed.

  3. Josie's going to be a proper wife? Let's test this. MAKE ME A SANDWICH!

    Just kidding. Good snippet! Love the dialogue between them.