Monday 10 September 2012

Blog Tour - Patrick Stutzman

Today I'm featuring Patrick Stutzman as he 'stops by' while on his blog tour, promoting the exciting sequel to his debut novel, Alone On The Edge.

The very-soon-to-be-released sequel, ALONE IN PARADISE, spins the tale of Anna Foster, a lone technician on a space station with only a computer for a companion. However, this is no longer the case as circumstances (and a bit of excitement) forces her to crash land on a new planet she discovered. The story takes off right on the heels of Alone On The Edge...

Here's a little blurb:

After the destruction of the mining station that was her home for 6 years, Anna Foster crashes on the newly-discovered moon she calls Paradise. With no way of calling for help, she must learn to survive in the untamed wilderness while trying to find a way back to human-controlled space.

While she adapts to the new environment, Anna stumbles across some of the moon’s hidden secrets and quickly discovers that she is not as alone as she originally believed.

Now Patrick has graciously offered to give away an E-Book to one lucky person who comments. I've read the first book (and it was amazing) and I look forward to reading this, so I can tell you that you'd better leave a comment if you don't want to miss out!!

And just to keep you motivated, here's a teaser excerpt...

Stepping up to the drone, Anna patted its metal shell and said with a bit of cheer, “Well Seventeen, what did we find out?”  Her wristcomp signaled an incoming message a few seconds later.
Reading the results, she said in a low voice, “I hope Kate can find something in all of this.”
“Kate,” she continued after calling the ship. “I have a list of frequencies and time intervals that Seventeen gathered over the last three hours. Can you see if you can find any sort of pattern in all of this?”
“I’ll see what I can do. Send it over.”
Anna transmitted the data and waited for the reply for a couple of minutes before starting to become impatient.
“Everything’s fine, Anna. I’m just studying the data. One moment, please.”
A few more minutes elapsed before Kate finally said, “Anna, I’m sorry. I am not detecting a pattern in the information you sent me. Either the pattern is so long and complex that it cannot be determined with just three hours of information, or whatever is modulating the frequencies is doing it completely at random.

Other books by Patrick Stutzman: Alone On The Edge (book 1) and Alone With Her Thoughts, a teaser short story of a deleted chapter.

Where to find Patrick:
Wesbite: The Worlds of Patrick Stutzman

Well, there you have it folks.
Thanks Patrick for 'dropping by.'  Congrats, and best of luck and success in your release!!


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  1. Patrick is a literary genius! I have the pleasure of working with him every day and it seems like whatever he writes turns to gold. From his short stories to these novels he keeps the reader on the edge of their seat wanting more! Keep up the good work....remember us little folk when you make it big time!!!!