Tuesday 2 October 2012

A Quickie Update

I've been remiss in posting lately, and the term 'no rest for the wicked' can be applied here. However, that is not entirely true...the 'rest' bit. Haha!

My usual Saturday morning snippets for the SFFS (Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday) has taken a back seat, mainly because I've sort of run out of tasty little morsels to offer. I suppose I could write a series dedicated to it, but that means adding to the pile of stuff I already have to do. Also, Saturdays morning, of late, has become a little busy since (unfortunately) I live in the real world most of the time.

For a quick update on other stuff, my To Catch A Marlin is in the editing stages and should be expected to be released late October through Ring of Fire Publishing. Later on, three short stories spawned from Marlin will follow (you may have already seen one in a summer anthology, which came out this year).

What else... Oh, right. Bengaria's War is in the hands of a beta, and this tale may very well end up going into the 4th draft. This book is such a huge tale all packed into one vessel. It needs to be done right.

My collaboration story with my brother, Time Fracture, is still in progress. It's a little hard to bounce around ideas with him since he's got his hands full with children and daily chores of a family man. We hit a little irk-fest the other day when we found another book along similar lines released already. (groan).

And, to keep adding to the pile of things to do, I've decided to submit to a short story anthology for the SFR group I belong to. (Science Fiction Romance). I've taken a small scene from Bengaria's War and embellished on it. Hopefully, my sub will be accepted. (Finger's crossed).

On top of all of that, it's the usual grind of doing graphic work to pay the bills. As Christmas time approaches, my clients are gearing up for ads and promotion material and the usual hoopla selling products involve.

And that, in a nutshell is what's been up and why I've been somewhat laying low and flying under the radar.


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