Thursday 29 August 2013

Energize...Well, Not Quite

So, I've returned from my much-anticipated holiday. I had such fun during my 3 weeks away, it has truly left my brain slightly addled. To be honest, as holidays go, we did more on this trip than in previous ones (excluding our long journey down to Australia over a decade ago). But it was fantastic seeing relatives and friends again and just enjoying their company. But as all good things go, it had to end and reality happened once more.

One would think that upon my return, I'd be ready and raring and energized to tackle the challenges of work and daily living again. Not. Like most good, fun-filled holidays, another is needed just to recover from it. It didn't help that I was afflicted with a plague that took the form of a rattling cough and thoroughly blocked up nasal passage. Ugh. Travelling back home with such an affliction was not fun. I had the worst ever earache imaginable! I thought for sure the depressurizing plane would make my eardrum explode. I even asked hubby if my ear had blood in it.

Anyways, I am slowly getting back on track (and sort of recovering, if I can only shake this rattling cough) and sorting through my pile-up of emails and work and junk. On the writing side, I have multiple projects to wrangle, including new ones that are zinging me with shots of adrenalin as I think about them. Stay tuned folks!



  1. Indeed, coming back from vacation is always as hectic as going on one in the first place. Here's hoping that you get back into the swing of things relatively quickly!

    1. Thanks!! I'm getting there. I think it's this cold (mostly) that's hindering things. But that's on the mend so... :D