Friday 3 January 2014

Happy New Year!!

I thought I'd better make a post before January went into its second week, and the year got away from me, like it usually does.

I've resolved not to make resolutions -- on a personal level. On a writing level, my list is long. Right at the top of the list, still looming like a bad taste, revision and revising of Bengaria's War. The beast needs to be done with itself and this is the year I'm going to attack it with resolve!

I've five more Jax Marlin shorts to complete, and I'm in the midst of that right now. Then, I've sketched out a rough outline of a full-length novel based on a short story I subbed for an anthology. I'm quite excited about this one since it involves something I've never (ever) written about before... Aliens! 

There's also another short story that I started last year with my brother, that still needs to be sorted out and completed (Time Fracture). And the tale about a generation ship that wandered off course. But I foresee that as something to do for the following year.

Betwix and between completing Bengaria's War and the Jax Marlin tales, I've a few other things that I'd like to do, but it's too premature to say just yet. Don't worry, I'll keep you in the know in due course.

On a day-job level, I've resolved to purchase a USB drawing tablet and teach myself how to digitally paint. I've been tooling about experimenting, but drawing with a mouse is all tails. Haa!! Anyways, you get my point.

So, that's about it for now. I'm gonna bury my head straight into the latest WIP (Jax Marlin #6) and whip that novella into shape, then dive straight into the #7.


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