Friday 2 May 2014

A Little Update Is In Order...

Okie dokie...
So, it's been a while since I just rambled off and spilled the contents of my brain onto this blog. To be honest, I've been a little scattered and busy with writing projects and trying to make sure I've accomplished stuff on my 'to do' list. And then, as per usual, life interrupts and throws everything out of whack.

Anyhoo. So here's a little update on what's up with TK.
On the writing front, a new Jax Marlin novella was just released over the Easter weekend. Titled The Edge of the Blade, this is #6 in the Marlin short story series. I've just completed #7, The Angel of Mercy, and it's currently with my beta readers. Three more shorts to go in order to complete the 10-series. I'm getting there.

And now, some bigger news. Since signing on with Champagne Books Group in 2009 and releasing the Lancaster Trilogy with them, I've decided it was time to move on. Believe me, the decision was not made lightly, especially after the lengthy ordeal of submissions and queries and the usual heart-wrenching stuff every writer must go through. And, I'm sure most new writers will agree, a publishing deal is a big deal. It's like a sort of validation that your work is good enough to be (even) considered worthy of publishing (this applies to getting an agent as well).

I've been with CBG for five years and in those five years, I've grown and have a better understanding of the literary world. I've learned loads, and it's through my association with them that I was able to do so. For that, I'm forever grateful.

With the rights back since the end of last month, I've been furiously tweaking some aspects of the the first novel (my debut) that I've been wanting to do. As a writer, I've grown, and the way I write now is a little different from how I used to write. While I debated whether or not to change certain aspects of it, in the end, the quality of the work is what mattered most to me, as well as the content. So, without ruining the overall storyline, I've been dealing with issues that were bothering me. Point of view shifts, a lot of passive voice sentences, that sort of thing. The end result, I'm hoping, will be a stronger, tighter, and better structured novel. Once I've done so, I'm going to dig into the other two in the trilogy and tidy them up as well.

In the end, I'd like to rebrand each, release again to the world, and this time, try the self-publishing route. Wish me luck.

And then, onto more writing projects that I've been keeping warm on the backburner. The monster novel (not real monsters) Bengaria's War still needs my attention. Another epicky novel is (I have a title for it now!) The Acquisition of the Levi. There are various other short stories as well, Time Fracture being one of them.

This month, if I'm correct, also marks the release of another short in an anthology collection. I shall keep you posted on that.

And then, on the personal front, lots of interruptions, mostly good and fun. Except right now where I have some serious plumbing issues. Old pipes leaking, then leaking through the walls and dripping ominously through a crack very similar to the crack in Dr. Who...scary. Of course, with old pipes, they tend to be very in the end, we decided to let the plumber just rip them all out and lay down some new ones. So, two bathrooms are piled high with broken masonry and tiles, dust and grit and whatnots, not to mention the multiple holes (ginormous craters) in the walls. Oh, and the constant flow of strangers tramping through the house, with power drills, hammers, etc...and dust. So much dust. Hopefully by the weekend we'll have our bathroom back (at least) so we can actually have a proper shower. Garden hose shower's while sounds fun the first time, get's a little old the second time around.

And that, in a nutshell, is what's up with me.


  1. Good luck with the self-publishing gig. I personally think it's a good deal, but can definitely be disheartening when you're constantly able to see how many (or how few) copies you're selling on an hourly basis.