Tuesday 28 March 2017


Marketing and promoting, is by far, the most difficult and soul-sucking part of writing and publishing. It's like giving up a part of your soul to make Horcruxes.

So, here we go. I've signed up with Thunderclap to help share Jax Marlin - To Catch A Marlin with everyone, everywhere, across the universe. All I need is a little, tweeny-weeny, bit of help from you. Don't worry, it's not that hard, but it will help spread Jax Marlin and her incredible world that much further.

Thunderclap is a new tool that allows people to pledge a Tweet, Facebook post, or Tumblr post that will be posted along with all other supporters' messages at the same time. Like a massive flash mob on social media. It's completely secure, free, and will post a single one-time message on your behalf on April 10. All it takes is ONE CLICK (choose from either Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr options). I have until April 10 to get 100 supporters! If not, alas, no flash mob for me. *sniff*

It takes 5 seconds to join. Here is the link: JAX MARLIN on THUNDERCLAP

So there you go. Easy peasy!
Thanks to everyone in advance.

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