Thursday 11 May 2023

2023 Releases and News

 The years, and time, are simply breezing by! One minute it was still 2022, and now, a quarter past 2023. To be fair, I haven't really been posting much. I mean, how many people really read blogs these days, right? I'm usually found on Instagram where I'm more current and posting regularly.

So, quick recap! In September of last year, Raq, was released. This novel had taken me quite some time to finally finish. And I'm glad I did as it has received such incredibly great reviews.

Before I knew it, 2022 had ended, and I was neck deep into finalising The Dark Without. In March 2023, I finally released this twisty, bendy, every-which-way novel, and again, to some very great reviews.



What else? Well... The decision to go wide. So, after cancelling my Draft 2 Digital (D2D) account a few years ago, I rejoined to they can handle the wider distribution of all my books, paperbacks included. Of course, this means that I can no longer be enrolled with Kindle Unlimited, so, it's a bit of a blow as many of my "sales" are through the KU page reads. But, it's time to spread out farther afield and see what it has to offer me.

Think that's about it for now. I'll be updating links to my books in the coming days.


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