Monday 17 May 2010

Feeling Like Number One

As my hideous cold winds its sickly way through me - twice - I begin to feel like I've blown myself inside out. Who knew your nose could hold so much junk! This, by far, is the worst cold I've had in a very, very long time. I hope not to repeat it - ever! The next time I see a nearly-four year old kid drooling snot from his nose, I'll remember to steer clear and invest in those hazmat suits.

The one good thing during my snotty ordeal, was visiting the Fictionwise page for the Champagne Books bookstore and finding out that my book has reached number one in the science fiction category! Woo-hoo!!! Oops, I mean, hawk, cough, snort...
What a great feeling it is, to see your name, right there, next to that single digit number that looks so close like an exclamation mark...! To be honest, I did have to make sure I saw right - even refreshing the page just in case it was a glitch in the system.

Another good part about my phlegm-filled two weeks, was the arrival (and the ever-close departure) of my good friend Jess and her main squeeze Darryl (did I mention he's a musician masquerading as an engineer? That's a whole other story, by the way). For those who didn't know, Jess was the one who gave me the "now famous" (ha-haaa) title of the book, The Lancaster Rule. It was Jess's initial input (after she used stealth tactics to obtain the very first draft) that spurred me on to develop the book more. Her suggestions and insight were invaluable. Did I mention, too, that it was her mother who gave me the initial kick up the ass to start writing? Must be a family trait they have to make one motivated.

Last night, she finished my second draft of the sequel The Master Key. I love her enthusiasm! Makes the whole ordeal of sitting for hours typing away worthwhile. And, she opened my eyes to the ending. It's amazing how a different pair of eyes can see things, especially since she knows these characters in my head quite intimately and could probably anticipate their reactions and thoughts like I would. So, I've a few more alterations and add-ins to make before I submit the sequel for the rest of the world to see. Now, through these 'discussions', part three, The Eternal Knot, is taking on a better shape. My initial ending of the trilogy might have to change - for the better, of course.

It's great to have a sparring partner!

But for now, I'll just bask in that nice feeling of being number one. Makes feeling sick worthwhile.

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