Thursday 20 May 2010

Virtual Virtuosity

As I continue my journey into the literary world, I learn new things every day. Journeying into the electronic world, I learn more than one thing with each new click. Virtual tours is one of them.

What are they? Pretty much like the old fashioned touring when you try to promote a product...only, from the comfort of your home whilst sitting in front your computer. I like that already!

To date, I've done three interviews at three different blog pages and websites. In turn, I've interviewed said three as we wend our way into exchange interviews. This is a really cool way of promoting your book, promoting your exchange interviewee/er's book, and basically building up a buzz-base. Everyone could use a good buzz, right?

Next month, I'll be featured on Anne Patrick's blog, who I've spotlighted earlier this month. Next week, May 26, I'll have Cherie Burbach in my hot seat as she answers some questions I threw at her. The dates aren't set in stone, but come June 7, I'll also be spotlighting another fellow Champagne Books writer (and fellow sci-fi writer), T.M. Hunter, where he'll talk about his latest release, Friends In Deed, among other things.

As the months progress, and more buzz about my book is created (hopefully) I am aiming to target a few more blogsites by fellow writers who might be interested in doing an exchange of sorts. Any takers? Let me know.

I think I'm starting to get the hang of this whole virtual thing. I think...

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