Monday 3 January 2011

Happy 2011

Well, it's here already.  A brand new year!

Amid scattered to heavy showers, everyone at 13ºN rang in 2011 at their various spots of revelry.  Me and hubby decided to stay in like we did last year and climb up onto our roof to watch the fireworks.  Of course, being on the roof of your house, when it's raining, with an umbrella each, in the dark...well, that's not quite recommended.  And as for fireworks, one hotel close by didn't have a display since their barge couldn't trek out in the choppy waters.  The other two, well, they were a bit far to see, but we did manage to see a few bright pops.  Some even looked like they'd gotten wet from the rain and exploded in a rather anemic way.

The next day, the hotel that didn't do the fireworks, scared the bejeebers out of us and blew down the neighbourhood with their usual impressive display.  WOW!  You can never tire of watching fireworks.  And they never last long enough, either.

As the new year began, not much has progressed in way of writing endeavours.  For the moment, that is.  With our houseguest still in-house, and much to do in way of social entertainment as people seem reluctant to give up the ghost of celebrations past, to sit down and get into the writing-mode is very distracting.  By next week, things will return to normal for me and I can get back down to business.

First up on the menu: Seriously getting through my self-edits for The Eternal Knot.  I'm this close to completing the edits and I'd like to get that done and over with as soon as I can.  After that, a re-read and some fine-tuning, and then...submitting again.  I'd like to have that done by mid-February - latest!

After that, I can resume writing on one of two of the works in progress.  Depending on which moves me first.  Think that's why I couldn't seem to progress with them, the edits to the third book were still niggling in the back of my mind and getting me kerfuffled to distraction.  Hate having a mind sometimes that likes chronological order...well, order in general.

Right...but before I do any of that, I've got a few jobs to complete from my day job.  It sucks having bills to pay.

Happy New Year to everyone!


  1. You are a better person than I am! I wouldn't get on the roof in the rain. :) I was asleep by 10pm. I'm a wimp!

  2. Hahah! I'll tell you, it was iffy there for a moment. We were trying to justify the reason WHY we'd want to climb up on the ladder (me with a few bubbly's in the head) just to see a few bright sparks in the night. I'm glad we did in the I know for sure I won't be doing it again next time.