Wednesday 25 May 2011

A Mindless Filler for the Week

Just did a quick jaunt to the post office to collect my package of books (The Lancaster Rule) that arrived.  These will be for my first-ever 'con.'  For those who didn't know, I've signed up for AnimeKon, a local event to promote anime, graphic novels, science fiction art, movies, books, electronic games...and well, I guess that means I qualify.

Of course, I "look forward" to it with great anticipation.  Eeee!!  I'm not the most socially adept person in the world, preferring to linger in the shadows and people-watch instead.  But, for the sake of promotion, and for the sake of the books, I shall swallow my fear of the public and slap on my smiley face.  Who knows, I may meet another celebrity and get an autograph.  (Last year LeVar Burton aka Geordie was on hand signing photos).  Wonder who it'll be this year?

And for those that live at 13ºN (aka Barbados), please feel free to stop by the Sherbourne Conference Centre July 2-3, and check out the event.  You just might see me (hiding under the table or thereabouts).

Anyone want to table-sit with me?

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